Cleveland | What’s in my Travel Makeup Bag?


Last weekend, my boyfriend and I took a little road trip to Cleveland to see the Toronto Blue Jays play the Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field. We also squeezed in a little sightseeing as well—however, that’s all for a separate blogpost I will hopefully have up by the end of the week. Today, I wanted to share what I packed in my travel makeup bag for Cleveland. (more…)

Product Empties #12


This post was supposed to go up awhile ago, but I was really unhappy with the photos. I am by no means a photographer and my photos are far from professional, but the photos just did not turn out, so I decided to wait until I had a free day with better natural light to retake them. Which was annoying as I had already cut open one of the products to finish, which I wait to do after I have photographed them for aesthetic reasons. We can look past that though, right? (more…)

3 Treats to Add to Your Nighttime Skincare Routine


When it comes to my nighttime skincare routine, I like to keep it to a minimum when it comes to the amount of products I use. I know some people like to use everything but the kitchen sink, but for me I stand by the ‘less is more’ mantra and I personally just do not think it is good to have a bunch of products competing on my skin. (more…)