Product Empties #24

I’ve been finishing products at record speed this year, so of course, I have one more ‘Product Empties’ post to share with you before the end of the year. To be honest, I could probably squeeze one more in next week if I really hustled! Anyways, let’s dive into this round of empties: Haircare Herbal…

Product Empties #23

Oh, don’t mind me, just using up a ton more products over here! I still seem to be breezing through products and it feels great! Surprisingly, I have used up a ton of haircare this round, which is a change from the 1 or 2 hair products I usually finish at a time. Anyways, here…

Product Empties #22

Well, well, well, look what we have here—more products I have recently used up! I feel like my Product Empties posts don’t even need an introduction anymore, as you all know the drill by now. So, let’s just cut to the chase and dive into what products I’ve used up: Haircare Dove Refresh + Care…

Product Empties #21

I had mentioned in my last Product Empties post that I already had almost another dozen product empties to share on here, and I wasn’t kidding! I have just been breezing through products this summer and I am so happy to be using a ton of stuff up.

Product Empties #20

I haven’t really purchased any new products so far this summer, and instead have been adamant in using up a lot of things I already have. And I am happy to report I have been making really good progress! I already have almost another dozen empties to share after this post! It feels so good…

Product Empties #19

As much as I would rather not be stuck at work and instead out and enjoying the warm weather, it does mean when there is some downtime at my job I can work a bit on my blog. Today, I have a dozen more product empties to share with you! Here’s what I have recently…

Product Empties #18

I have finished up a ton more products—especially in regards to makeup. So, let’s cut to the chase and go over what I have recently used up!

Product Empties #17

There’s no denying my blog has been a tad neglected for the month of March because of school, but there’s only one more week of class to go and I couldn’t be more excited! I have also been very adamant in regularly reaching for older products and products that are nearly finished in an attempt…

Product Empties #16

My first ‘Product Empties’ post of 2017! My goal this year is to try using up as much of my makeup products as possible (easier said than done), especially ones that I have had for awhile.

Product Empties #15

Today, I am sharing my last Product Empties post of 2016, which is crazy, as this year has flown by.

Product Empties #14

Today, I am sharing more products I have used up over the last couple of months and—surprisingly—there are no bottles of dry shampoo or cleansing water to be found! No idea how, as I use both almost daily and almost every Product Empties post has one, if not both, in it.

Product Empties #13

I have been using up a ton of products lately and I gotta admit, it feels good to use up my ever expanding stash of products. Today, I am sharing another round of ‘Product Empties’ with you so—here we go!