Sunday Stuff | Volume 8

Happy Canada Day to all of my fellow Canadian readers! I hope you all have had a great long weekend so far, and took advantage of the beautiful weather! To kick start my long weekend, I actually treated myself to a little pampering Friday night to get me feeling my best before the weekend. Here’s…

Sunday Stuff | Volume 5

I am so happy that it’s reading week! Even though this semester has gone by pretty fast so far, I was starting to feel a tad overwhelmed—thus, a little break was definitely needed.

Sunday Stuff | Volume 4

The last couple of weeks have been relaxing for me in the sense that midterms are over and no major papers have been due. That being said finals are just around the corner and by next week I will be back to being up to my neck in papers and readings. So, I am trying…

Sunday Stuff | Volume 3

Happy Sunday! It’s been ages since I’ve done another ‘Sunday Stuff’ instalment and I have definitely been craving a little pampering between summer school and work. So, having today off I definitely wanted to take advantage of the morning and devote it to some much needed pampering.