Top Beauty Discoveries of 2017

Moving this month has been such a busy and tiring process, but we are finally getting settled in and I have been able to focus on my blog a little bit more. So, even though it’s the end of January I still wanted to share my Top Beauty Discoveries of 2017! I’ve tried a ton…

Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas with Farleyco

Need some holiday gift ideas that won’t break the bank? Well, Farleyco has got you covered! If you’re not familiar with Farleyco, they are an online distribution company that caters to the Canadian market. They remind me of an online drugstore, offering not only the usual brands and products that you would find at your…

Product Empties #23

Oh, don’t mind me, just using up a ton more products over here! I still seem to be breezing through products and it feels great! Surprisingly, I have used up a ton of haircare this round, which is a change from the 1 or 2 hair products I usually finish at a time. Anyways, here…

Relaunched & Revamped | Kat Von D Saint + Sinner Eau de Parfums

There are two sides in all of us… The beauty world was ecstatic to hear that Kat Von D was bringing back her hugely popular Saint + Sinner fragrances—the same enticing scents, but with an updated design. I was definitely intrigued by these sister-scents and receiving these little tester bottles, complimentary from Influenster, was the perfect way…

10 (More) Products That Should Not Have Been Discontinued

I did a discontinued products post a couple of years ago that got a lot of attention in terms of views and I really enjoyed putting it together (you can give that a read here). I wanted to do another post like that, but I thought there was no way I would have another 10…

Product Empties #16

My first ‘Product Empties’ post of 2017! My goal this year is to try using up as much of my makeup products as possible (easier said than done), especially ones that I have had for awhile.

Product Empties #15

Today, I am sharing my last Product Empties post of 2016, which is crazy, as this year has flown by.

Product Empties #14

Today, I am sharing more products I have used up over the last couple of months and—surprisingly—there are no bottles of dry shampoo or cleansing water to be found! No idea how, as I use both almost daily and almost every Product Empties post has one, if not both, in it.

My Favourite Fragrance

Fragrance is a very personal thing and scent preference differs from person to person. I was never one to splurge on fragrance, as I never found one I truly loved. Why would I spend a lot of money on a fragrance that, to me, was just okay? Then I discovered Hanae Mori Butterfly.

10 Products That Should Not Have Been Discontinued

If there is one thing I have learned throughout the years, it is not to get too attached to products (especially if they are by The Body Shop). It seems anything I love, that becomes a holy grail product, eventually gets discontinued. And if the product is not discontinued, then the place I usually purchase it from…