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10 (More) Products That Should Not Have Been Discontinued

discontinued_collageI did a discontinued products post a couple of years ago that got a lot of attention in terms of views and I really enjoyed putting it together (you can give that a read here). I wanted to do another post like that, but I thought there was no way I would have another 10 products to talk about like the first time. But lo and behold… (more…)

10 Products That Should Not Have Been Discontinued

discontinued_productsIf there is one thing I have learned throughout the years, it is not to get too attached to products (especially if they are by The Body Shop). It seems anything I love, that becomes a holy grail product,Β eventuallyΒ gets discontinued. And if the product is not discontinued, then the place I usually purchase it from suddenly stops carrying it. Such examples include: Walmart, which no longer carries my favourite body scrub and Sephora, which only sells my perfume online now. Heck,Β I had fallen in love with Sonia Kashuk and Pixi by Petra, which you can only get at Target. I guess the beauty gods realized since I liked both of these brands as a whole, the only way to take them away from me was to getΒ rid of Target Canada entirely. (more…)