Makeup | 5 Under $5

Today is the fourth and final part of my ‘5 Under $5’ series, and this one is all about makeup. If you missed my last one, which covered bath and body, you can read that here. This was definitely the easiest out of all the categories, as you can find so many amazing makeup for…

Bath & Body | 5 Under $5

I hope you all have had a lovely Sunday and Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome dads out there! We are now onto the third part of my ‘5 Under $5’ series (my last one covered haircare, which you can read here), and today we are talking about some of my favourite and of…

Haircare | 5 Under $5

Welcome back to my ‘5 Under $5’ series! This is the second instalment of my four part series and today I will be covering haircare. If you missed my first ‘5 Under $5’ post, which was dedicated to skincare, you can give that a read here. All of the hair products that I use are very…

Skincare | 5 Under $5

Starting today, I am kicking off the first of a four part series on here, where I am sharing five of my favourite products that are under $5. This series includes skincare, haircare, bath and body and of course—makeup. Just because a product is under $5 does not necessarily mean it should be overlooked! Having…

Let’s Connect + 5 Instagram Accounts I Go to for Inspiration

Are we friends on Instagram? If not, let’s change that! Like most people, Instagram is my main form of social media that I am actively on and one thing I want to do is connect with more fellow bloggers and influencers! My Instagram is @ellerow, which you can find linked along the side of my…

Product Empties #19

As much as I would rather not be stuck at work and instead out and enjoying the warm weather, it does mean when there is some downtime at my job I can work a bit on my blog.

Summer Style List

Weather wise, it is not quite yet feeling like summer, but that doesn’t mean I’m not dreaming about the beach, patio drinks and summer clothes.

Sunday Makeup Menu

Today was my best friend’s bridal shower and it was so nice to celebrate the beautiful bride and shower her with gifts. And since I spent my morning getting all dolled up for it, I decided to share some of the beauty products that made an appearance in today’s makeup look.

A to Z Beauty

Okay, so some exciting news! I am pretty sporadic in terms of when I blog, but starting in June I will be blogging three days a week! I am going to be posting every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday around 5pm EDT, though days and time could change as I try to find a schedule that works…

Testing Out Le Petit Marseillais Body Washes

A little while ago, I received a package full of body washes to try out by the brand Le Petit Marseillais, which has just launched in North America. Known as the #1 selling body wash in France, these body washes are inspired by the nature and culture of the south of France.

6 Favourites | Spring Edition

Spring has been a whirlwind of emotions for me, to say the least. From wrapping up the last semester of my undergrad, to celebrating being done school by heading off to the Dominican Republic for fun and relaxation, only to come back from vacation to my fur baby being incredibly sick.

Product Empties #18

I have finished up a ton more products—especially in regards to makeup. So, let’s cut to the chase and go over what I have recently used up!