Vegan Tarts with Raw Lemon Curd Filling

IMG_6772So, funny story—last week I made my usual coconut oil and raw honey hair mask. However, this time I decided to add some lemon juice to help lighten the red in my hair, as I am growing out my natural hair colour. Turns out adding lemon juice to these 2 ingredients not only makes it look like lemon curd, but also tastes like it too. I decided to try this recipe out again and this time turn it into a dessert. (more…)

Pinterest | 10 Things to Try this Summer

pinterestcollage2I have been using Pinterest for quite awhile as a source for inspiration and creativity for everything, from DIY and fashion, to food and travel. I have tried quite a few recipes and DIYs—some hits and some misses—but as I pin more and more things whilst I’m at work (shh don’t tell my manager) the list of things I want to try stretch greater and greater. (more…)

Easy & Healthy 2 Ingredient Cookies

IMG_5328This recipe popped up on my Pinterest and I knew right away I had to give these a try. This recipe comes from The Burlap Bag and it is too good not to share. I am all for easy, healthy recipes and they definitely hit the nail on the head with this one. If banana bread makes you swoon and weak in the knees, then you definitely need to give this healthy cookie a try! (more…)