Product Empties #32

Product Empties Flat Lay

More product empties coming at you this evening! I used up quite a few products while I was away in April, which is what makes up the bulk of this post. A few of these are larger travel size products, as most of the time my smaller travel size products just end up getting tossed. Anyways, here’s what I’ve recently used up!


Dove Refresh + Care Unscented Dry Shampoo

Pros: Fragrance-free, doesn’t irritate my scalp from the product buildup like most scented dry shampoos do, inexpensive, no white residue, absorbs excess oil

Cons: Obviously, because it’s unscented it doesn’t refresh your hair in terms of smell

Repurchase? Already have! This is my new favourite dry shampoo.


Nivea MicellAIR Water for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Pros: Easily and effectively removes all of my makeup, very gentle, as it is designed for dry and sensitive skin, leaves my face feeling fresh and clean, no product residue, fragrance-free, great value for the price

Cons: Nothing

Repurchase? Already have! I love this cleansing water.

Avène Thermal Spring Water

Pros: Refreshing, perks up the skin, love the mist on this, water stays cold and uncontaminated in the can, soothes and calms any redness and irritation, great for soothing sunburn/razor burn, very gentle and suitable for sensitive skin, a must for hot weather, size is perfect for traveling

Cons: Pricey for water in a can

Repurchase? Already have! I love having this travel size with me for the summer months.

The Body Shop Mineral & Ginger Warming Massage Clay Mask

Pros: Heats up really nicely on the skin, opens up and unclogs my pores, kaolin clay helped dry out any blemishes on my face, skin is left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, spa-like experience when using this

Cons: Unfortunately, the kaolin clay gets extremely firm in the tube making it impossible to get out, ended up having to cut it open when I was only half way through it (for Product Empties posts, I always wait and cut open products after I’ve photographed them because…aesthetics), no longer on the website, so not sure if this has recently been discontinued

Repurchase? If they rereleased this in a container, then yes.

Product Empties Flat Lay

Clarins Multi-Active Youth Recovery Night Cream

Pros: The scent of this makes it nice to use before bed, made my skin feel soft

Cons: Pricey, even though it smells nice it’s a little overpowering, which I don’t like, not sure if this has been discontinued

Repurchase? No.

Bath & Body Works Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Shea Butter Hand Cream

Pros: Smells absolutely amazing (if you’re a vanilla fan, you’ll love this), moisturizing, lightweight, absorbs quickly, perfect size for handbag

Cons: Seasonal scent

Repurchase? Yes. I love this scent so much.

Bath & Body

Bath & Body Works Moisture-Lock Body Balm

Pros: Feels really refreshing on the skin, not sticky and absorbs quickly into the skin, smells good, perfect for traveling and using in the summer, great option for people who are lazy with moisturizing

Cons: Found I went through this pretty quick, hard to use near the end of it resulting in wasted product

Repurchase? Yes. I one more of these for the summer.

Product Empties Flat Lay

Jergens Vitamin E Replenishing Moisturizer

Pros: Perfect travel size for a body lotion, gives my skin all day hydration, sinks quickly into the skin, smells good, affordable, also makes a good hand cream

Cons: Can’t think of anything

Repurchase? Yes, for traveling.

Zoella Beauty Splash Botanics Quench Me Body Sorbet*

Pros: Smells great, scent lingers on the skin for awhile, offers decent hydration, has a cooling effect on the skin

Cons: Can’t get this in-store in Canada

Repurchase? Probably not—only because if I’m going to buy a body sorbet I’d rather get one from The Body Shop.


Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-Hour Blush in ‘Paaarty’

Pros: Beautiful shade, very pigmented, blends well, buildable, lasts all day, cruelty-free

Cons: Honestly can’t think of anything

Repurchase? Yes!

Essence Make Me Brow Eyebrow Gel Mascara in ‘Blondy Brows’

Pros: Sets my brows in place, makes my brows look fuller and more defined, looks natural, good colour match, small brush is perfect for my brows, super affordable, cruelty-free

Cons: Doesn’t completely fill in my sparse areas

Repurchase? Yes. This is so good for the price.


Zoella Beauty Snow’ella Body Mist*

Pros: Smells good, decent staying power, love the look of the bottle

Cons: Can’t get these products in-store in Canada, believe this was a limited-edition range

Repurchase? If they bring this scent back in the winter I would buy it again.

Product Empties Flat Lay

You can read my last Product Empties post here. What products have you recently finished up?

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