A Few New Beauty Favourites

Flat lay of new beauty favourites.

Over the past few months, I’ve added some new beauty bits to my collection, which are just too good not to share on here. I’m still very much focused on using up what’s already in my collection, but it definitely has been nice to refresh my stash a bit, and add some new products into the mix for spring and summer. So, without further ado, here are a few new beauty favourites of mine:

Flat lay of Glossier's Boy Brow and Cloud Paint with Clinique BIY Pigment Drops with swatches.

Glossier Cloud Paint in ‘Storm’ I’ve really fallen in love with cream blushes over the years, as they give your cheeks this dewy flush of colour that you just can’t achieve with a powder blush. I finally placed a long overdue Glossier order, and I am over the moon in love with this warm rose shade. It is pretty intimidating when it comes out, and you definitely can over do it if you apply too much (less is more, but then use less than that). However, it blends beautifully into the skin and gives my cheeks a healthy glow that lasts all day long. For best results, I like using my fingertips first to dab it out and then go in with a sponge to help soften the edges, as I find this gives me the most seamless result.

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Pressed Powder in ‘Warm Light’ This powder seems to have mixed reviews online, but I personally think it’s great. There is a bit of a hard layer when you first use it, but it goes away after a few uses. The light-diffusing pigments in here really do work to leave my skin looking great—not just in person, but also in photos. It’s also quite sheer on the skin, so even though it does set my makeup well, it doesn’t look or feel like I’m wearing a powder, which I enjoy. However, because it is sheer it doesn’t keep me shine-free all day long, so if I’m going to be out all day I also use a bit of mattifying powder on my t-zone—problem solved!

Glossier Boy Brow in ‘Blonde’ I needed a new tinted brow gel, so I decided it was time to finally give boy brow a go. First off, this shade is a perfect colour match for my brows—like perfect. And that brush on it? Also perfect. It also perfectly sets my brow hairs in place and doesn’t leave them crispy like a bad hairspray. That being said, it doesn’t fill in my sparse areas like it claims to, so I still have to use a pencil to lightly fill in the tail of my brows, and then I go in with boy brow to fill in the rest and set everything in place. The end result are brows that look naturally full, which is hard to achieve with thin, sparse brows like mine.

Marc Jacob Beauty Velvet Noir Mascara and Epic Lash Primer.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Primer Epic Lash Primer* This is the only lash primer I’ve tried that makes me want to add that extra step in my makeup routine. This primer really works to help separate and elongate my lashes, and the conditioning formula keeps my lashes from drying out. It’s especially a godsend for my undetectable lower lashes, as it allows me to be able to actually see them, making the mascara application a lot less messy. I also love that I can pair this with any of my favourite mascaras in order to enhance them (just make sure you apply your mascara before the primer dries or else your mascara will not adhere to it properly).

Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara* This mascara seriously packs a punch in terms of that full, false lash look in just one coat. I love the volume and length I achieve with this mascara just on its own, but it’s even more amplified when paired with the lash primer mentioned above. And like the lash primer, it has the same brush with that slight wave to it, which I think is my favourite type of mascara wand, as it really hugs my lashes and fans them out. I’ve also had no issues with this mascara smudging or flaking on me, which is crucial.

*I received both of these products complimentary of Influenster for testing purposes.

Clinique BIY Blend it Yourself Pigment Drops in ‘BIY 10’ I love and hate this product. Love how amazing it is, but hate the fact it’s recently been discontinued, as it’s such a genius product. However, I figured I’d still mention it here, in case you can get your hands on it before it sells out, as it’s the perfect summer base. These versatile pigment drops adapt to your moisturizer and essentially turn it into a tinted one (and the finish it gives will depend on the type of moisturizer you use). I love that I can control the amount of coverage I want with this and how lightweight and natural it feels on my face, as my skin still feels like it can breathe.

Whole Foods Market Organic Vanilla Honey Lip Balm This lip balm is one the best finds I’ve had in a longtime. I’ve been using this for a few months now, and it leaves my lips soft and conditioned, not only while it’s on my lips, but long after it’s worn off. I haven’t even had to rely on my beloved lip scrubs as much because I haven’t had any dry, flaky skin to scrub away. On top of that, it’s 100% natural, organic, only contains 10 ingredients and will only set you back $1.99! The only downside is you can obviously only find it at Whole Foods, but if you do have a Whole Foods near you then run—don’t walk, as there’s no time—and pick one up ASAP.

Flat lay of new beauty favourites.

I’ve been so in love with every single product here, and all of these will be summer staples for me.

Do you have any new beauty favourites at the moment? I’d love to know!

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