The Direction I’m Taking My Blog and Social Media in for 2019

Flay lay of laptop, plant and breakfast on blanket

My last blogpost, which you can read here, was an important post for me, as I opened up and talked about my intentions for 2019. However, one thing I didn’t really mention was my blog and social media, which I have also set some intentions for this year in terms of changes.

I wouldn’t say these are major changes, but more so gradual ones to help me reconnect with my online presence and fall back in love with it all again. And if you’re reading this and have also been feeling a little discouraged in regards to your blog and/or social media, then hopefully this post helps inspire you to make some positive changes to your content as well this year.

My Blog

I was feeling quite uninspired with my blog throughout most of 2018. Though I classify my blog as a beauty and lifestyle blog, the content has always been heavily about beauty. As much as I love talking about beauty on here, it’s not all there is to me, so this year you will definitely be seeing more lifestyle content from me. What you can expect is more photos of nature, more posts about film and television, posts talking about art and books, as well as some more personal posts from me. Of course, I will still be sharing beauty content on here, including some of my regular posts, like my Seasonal Favourites and Product Empties, but I’m no longer putting the pressure on myself to post regular beauty content just for the sake of posting something.

Speaking of putting pressure on myself, as much as I would love to have a set upload schedule on here, I can never seem to stick with it. That being said, my posting has become way too sporadic on here for my liking, so if I can at least get back into the routine of posting weekly on my blog, then I’ll be content.

My Instagram

Whilst I was feeling uninspired with my blog throughout most of 2018, I was feeling extremely unhappy with my Instagram. I joined an engagement group back in May, which was a great way to help boost the likes and comments on my posts, but after awhile it just became a chore and felt unauthentic. Leaving that group was like a weight off my shoulders, and even though my engagement has gone down, I’m not even bothered by it because I no longer dread checking my Instagram.

Flay lay of laptop, plant and breakfast on blanket

However, after leaving that engagement group, I was still unhappy with what I was posting. I’ve hemmed and hawed about having more of a ‘theme’ on my Instagram for awhile, as it’s definitely aesthetically pleasing to look at if it’s done right. I know a lot of people started following me because of my bright flat lays, but they can be quite time consuming to constantly set up and photograph. And to be honest, having an Instagram theme centred around these bright flat lays is just not what I want, not to mention it would also take a lot of work.

This past December I panicked, and suddenly decided that my Instagram needed a theme, and it needed one stat, so I stupidly decided to start slapping a pink filter on my photos, which made me despise my Instagram even more because it was not me at all. So, at the end of December I sat down and took the time to play around with a few different editing apps until I found exactly what I wanted.

Since January, my Instagram has taken on a much darker appearance, which I absolutely love, as it feels much more me. Though I’ll still be sharing beauty posts, they will no longer be the bulk of what I share on my Instagram, as I transition it into more of a lifestyle page. Overall, everything is beginning to look much more cohesive over there, which makes me very happy and also excited to create (click here if you’d like to follow me. I always follow back fellow bloggers).

Everything Else

By ‘everything else’, I really just mean being more active online in terms of sharing my content and interacting with other creators. I’d like to start using Pinterest again, as I know it is a great way to drive traffic to your blog, and I would also like to get back into the habit of commenting on other blogs again. I actually commented on a blog last month and realized that my last comment before that was from over 3 years ago, which is crazy. I greatly appreciate those that show support for my blog, and I need to get back into the habit of returning the favour. Finally, I also want to reach out to the PR of some brands that I use and love, and build more brand relationships this year. I told myself I would start doing that once I hit 1,000 followers on Instagram, which I achieved this past fall, so all that is holding me back now is myself (and the fact that I seem to just be fluctuating between 1,020-1,050 followers).

Flay lay of laptop, plant and breakfast on blanket

Whew! Sorry for how long this blogpost is and if it seems a little disheveled, but I really wanted to get everything off my chest and try and organize my thoughts on here. If you read all of this, then you’re the real MVP!

Anyways, I’m so happy about these changes and the direction I’m taking my blog and social media in for 2019. I’m really excited, and I hope you all will stick around for the ride.

Ellerow Sign Off

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  1. I know growing a following on Insta can be frustrating and it’s SO annoying when the numbers fluctuate like that… But you just gotta be consistent and trust the process. Keep going babe!


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