Sunday Stuff | Volume 9

Sunday Stuff Flatlay

To quote an episode of Friends I have never seen before, “Happy Christmas Eve Eve!” The weekend before Christmas is always chaotic for most people, and mine was definitely quite busy. Despite the chaos, I did manage to make it to the gym today, which was very much needed, but even more needed is a little pamper evening later tonight. On the menu for tonight is the following products:

Sunday Stuff Flatlay

Zoella Milky Way Bath Milk Powder* Along with some epsom salts, this is the bath product I’m adding to my bath, which is part of Zoella’s Holiday Cosmos collection. I’ve already tried this limited-edition product last week, and I like how milky and fragrant it makes the bath water. It’s supposed to smell like peppermint and vanilla, but I don’t smell vanilla at all in this, which is a little disappointing. However, the peppermint smell is still really nice on its own, and I like how softening this product is on the skin.

e.l.f. Hydrating Bubble Mask I want a fun face mask for tonight, so of course I’m reaching for my bubble mask, which I actually haven’t used in a while. This mask comes out as a gel, but as soon as you apply it to damp skin it instantly begins to bubble up. Once the bubbles begin to dissipate, you can massage the mask into the skin to give it a good clean. The bubbles help to clear out my pores, and once I’ve removed the mask my skin is left feeling clean and soft.

Live Clean Exotic Nectar Argan Oil Replenishing Body Lotion* Out of the bath, I’m slathering this amazing body lotion all over my body, which leaves my skin baby soft. I love the scents of Live Clean’s products, so the fact the scent of their body lotions really linger on the skin is a huge plus. This one helps improve the texture and tone of your skin, which I definitely notice, and of course, there’s no nasty ingredients in here.

e.l.f Hydrating Bubble Mask, Revlon 'Hologasm' Nail Polish and Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm

Revlon Holochrome Collection Nail Polish in ‘Hologasm’* I just mentioned this nail polish in this post, so of course it’s the nail colour I’ll be painting my nails with tonight. I’ve been rocking this shade for all of December, and I love the shimmery, silver shade of it. The formula of this polish is pretty damn durable, and it’s also super easy to remove, unlike most nail polishes with shimmer or sparkle.

Nuxe Rêve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm I bought this lip balm well over a year ago, but I only just starting using it this month, as I was trying to finish up some other lip balms first. My goodness though, this product is seriously great. This honey lip balm really is effective in nourishing, repairing and soothing my dry lips. I love the sweet grapefruit scent of it, and because it is so conditioning it’s so good for applying overnight.

Celestial Seasonings Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride Herbal Tea Of course, to end any pamper evening, I need a cup of tea. If you love tea as much as I do, you need to try this Christmas flavour, as it is honestly dessert in a cup. It smells exactly like a sugar cookie, but the taste is very mild, so in order for it to taste as good as it smells you need to do one of two things. What I do is I add a bit of honey to this, and it brings out that sugar cookie flavour perfectly, but I have also read online that using two teabags also works. And whatever you do, keep the teabags in!

Cute Mug from Sheridan Nurseries

You can read my last Sunday Stuff post here. Thank you for reading, and wishing all of you a safe and happy holiday season!

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