5 Products That Are Getting Me in the Festive Spirit

Festive Products Flatlay

Christmas Eve is only two weeks away, so you better believe I have my Christmas tree up,  sugar cookies in the oven and Christmas music on blast. I’ve also been using and loving a few different products that have been getting me into the festive spirit over the last few weeks, which is what I’m sharing with you in this post!

Live Clean Gingerbread Latte Moisturizing Liquid Hand Soap* Live Clean’s hand soaps are absolutely amazing, and I get so excited when their holiday hand soaps are back on the shelves. Gingerbread Latte is their new release for this year, and it’s the perfect balance of sweet and spicy (their other two, Vanilla Peppermint and Holly Berry, are also great). The spicy notes of this really lingers on my hands and leaves them smelling like a festive Starbucks beverage. Like all of Live Clean’s hand soaps, this contains no harsh cleansing agents, so it does not strip the skin and leave my hands feeling dry or irritated. 

Flatlay of Zoella Beauty Bake My Day Fragrance Mist and Illamasqua Gleam Highlighter in 'Aurora'

Zoella Beauty Bake My Day! Fragrance Mist* Keeping with the gingerbread theme, I have also been enjoying this limited-edition scent by Zoella Beauty. It’s a lovely, warm gingerbread scent that is perfect for this time of year, as I’ll be eating a ton of baked goods over Christmas, so why not smell like a baked good as well? I do wish this had better staying power, as it fades fairly quickly on the skin, so I would suggest spraying this on your clothing to help prolong the scent.

Bath & Body Works Fresh Balsam Concentrated Room Spray With a blend of woodland balsam, crisp eucalyptus and cedarwood, Fresh Balsam smells like a straight up Christmas tree, which is one of my favourite festive scents. These room sprays that Bath & Body Works do are fab, as they pack a punch and will fragrant any room for hours. However, do not overdue it; because these are so potent, one or two sprays is more than enough.

Flatlay of Revlon Holochrome Collection Nail Polish in 'Hologasm' and Swatch

Revlon Holochrome Collection Nail Polish in ‘Hologasm’* Though there really isn’t anything ‘holochrome’ about this shade, I’ve been seriously loving it nonetheless. I love a good shimmery silver nail polish for the holidays, and this one is so pretty and versatile. Though it is fairly sheer—so you will need a few coats of this in order to get it opaque—it also means you can apply one coat of this over top of a plain nail colour to add a bit of shimmer to it. My favourite thing about this nail polish though, is that I can go about five days with zero chipping, and it is not a pain to try and remove like a lot of shimmer/glitter nail polishes are.

Illamasqua Gleam Highlighter in ‘Aurora’ As soon as it starts to feel like winter outside, this product comes out of hiding. This creamy, iridescent highlighter gives my skin this beautiful dewy glow that it lacks throughout the winter months. It’s a gorgeous, warm champagne shade that contains sheer, pearlescent pigments, which allows the glow to appear more natural on the skin. It is important to note that this is not a buildable highlighter, and if you apply too much it does tend to sit weird on the skin. I love using this not only to highlight my features, but also as an eye shadow—it looks really pretty and subtle on the lids.

Festive Product Flatlay

Are there any products that are getting you into the festive spirit? I’d love to know!

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