My Favourite Fall Lip Colours for 2018

Fall Lip Colours 2018

It’s quite exciting that I can finally do a post like this, as I used to always steer clear of darker lip colours, and just stuck with the same nude shades every fall and winter—which is fine, but that doesn’t make for a very exciting blogpost. I’m finally learning that darker shades can be incredibly fun and easy to wear, as long as you find the right formulas that work for you. Along with some darker shades, I also have a couple of dusty rose shades, and a beige-toned nude that I’ve also been loving. So, carry on reading to hear more about my favourite fall lip colours for 2018!

L’Oreal Colour Riche Ultra Matte Lipstick in ‘Rebel Rouge’* Out of all of the lip colours in this post, this is definitely the one I’ve been wearing the most. I love a good dusty rose shade, and this one has a much deeper tone to it. It’s richly pigmented, and so comfortable to wear—it gives your lips that smooth, matte look without the dryness. I haven’t had any issues with this shade smudging or bleeding on me, but because the formula is so creamy, it will wear off throughout the day, especially when you eat and drink. That being said, it does seem to leave a bit of a stain on the lips, so even if you don’t reapply it, you’ll still have noticeable colour at the end of the day.

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in ‘Velvet Teddy’ Another matte lipstick that I’ve been loving is the popular ‘Velvet Teddy’ shade by MAC. I love this deep-toned beige shade for fall, and I feel like it suits my complexion really well. It wears well throughout the day, even after eating and drinking, and though it is a little dry on the lips, it’s much more comfortable to wear than some other matte lipsticks by MAC that I have tried. I especially love wearing this with a darker eye look.

Revlon Kiss Plumping Lip Crème in ‘Barely Blush’* These new lip crèmes by Revlon are seriously amazing, and I can’t recommend them enough. The mousse-like texture is so comfortable to wear, and feels so soft, and hydrating on the lips. Though I wouldn’t say this really plumps my lips, I do think that my pout looks 10x better when I wear this. The colour payoff is also perfect, and I have especially been loving wearing this overtop of the MAC lipstick this fall.

L to R – Black Honey, Velvet Teddy, Barely Blush, Rebel Rouge, Neat Nude, Empress and 044.

Clinique Almost Lipstick in ‘Black Honey’ This was my go-to lip colour last fall, and it’s still such a great, fall option for people who don’t like wearing darker lip colours. What makes this so great is that it works with the natural tone of your lips to create your own flattering shade, so it’s perfect for all skin tones. And because the formula has a lip balm consistency, it’s so comfortable to wear on the lips. I still really want to purchase the full-size of this, but I’m trying to use this one up first.

Bite Beauty The Lip Pencil in ‘044’* This rich mahogany shade is so perfect for this time of year, and I love how easy this is to wear. I actually love filling my entire lips in with this, and just wearing the lip pencil on its own with a little bit of lip balm over top of it. These lip pencils are super pigmented and have the perfect consistency—firm enough to give you plenty of precision, but still soft enough that it does not tug on your lips. It’s also formulated with whipped shea butter to keep your lips nice and hydrated.

Vasanti Power Oils Lip Gloss in ‘Empress’* If I’m not wearing just lip balm with The Lip Pencil by Bite Beauty, then I’m topping it off with a bit of this beautiful gloss. The rich, blackberry shade is so vampy and perfect, and has been a favourite of mine for years now. The formula of this is not sticky, and the shine this gives your lips is so pretty. It’s also enriched with raspberry, peach kernel, pomegranate oil and jojoba oil, which nourishes and hydrates the lips really well.

NYX Liquid Suede Metallic Matte in ‘Neat Nude’* Don’t be fooled by the name of this lip colour, as it is actually a dirty, grey plum shade with subtle shimmer. It has great pigmentation, and I find the flat, doe foot applicator makes it easy to apply. You do have to work quickly with this, as it dries fast, but once it’s dry this does not budge whatsoever—you can eat, drink and kiss with zero transfer. That being said, it is a true matte in that it is fairly tight feeling on the lips, so I would only wear this if I was out for a few hours. I’m actually going to wear this shade on Halloween, which I’m really excited about.


What lip colours have you been loving this fall? I’d love your recommendations!


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  1. Erica says:

    Great picks! Very intrigued by that Clinique lipstick. Sounds just up my alley!


    1. ellerow says:

      It’s such an underrated product! Highly recommend! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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