The Best Places to Shop for Affordable, Last Minute Halloween Costumes

last minute halloween shops
A few of the affordable, last minute Halloween costumes I’ve put together over the years.

And no, I’m not talking about Party City or Spirit Halloween…

Halloween falls on a Wednesday this year, so whether you’re celebrating this weekend, next weekend or the entire week, like most people, you probably still don’t have your costume ready. The thought of going to Party City or Spirit Halloween this weekend probably fills you with dread, as both places will be super busy, and mostly picked over. Maybe you have no idea what you want to be, maybe you already have something in your closet that you want to build on, or maybe you know exactly what you’d like to be, but you’re on a budget, and don’t want to spend too much.

Whatever the case, here are the best places to shop for affordable, last minute Halloween costumes. These places might not have the variety that Party City and Spirit Halloween offer, but they are more affordable, they won’t be as picked over, and they won’t be nearly as busy this weekend.

Shoppers Drug Mart

Shoppers doesn’t have a huge selection in regards to costumes, but they do offer a ton of different Halloween makeup, including the Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Collection, which is their limited-edition makeup for Halloween. Even better, all of their Halloween makeup (and costumes) are already on clearance, so whether you need some face paint, a face and body stencil, or a black lipstick, Shoppers is probably your best bet. I picked up three of the Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Multisticks, which were reduced from $3.99 each, to $1.00 each.


Michaels is a great place if you’re pretty crafty, and like to make your Halloween costume from scratch, as they have everything you could want in order to create an amazing Halloween costume. Obviously, you probably wouldn’t have the time to make too elaborate of a costume, but if you needed to make a necklace or a headband, for example, then Michaels probably has it. They also sell plain t-shirts (that could be worn as dresses) in a ton of different colours, which are great canvases for tons of different costumes.

Value Village

Okay, most people know now how awesome Value Village is for Halloween costumes, but maybe some of you still don’t. Obviously, their clothing is great if you need something affordable that you can rip or stain with (fake) blood, but they also have a fabulous Halloween section. They sell a ton of brand new (not used) costumes and accessories, but for significantly cheaper than the leading competitors.


H&M is my favourite clothing store year-round, but it also makes a great place to shop for pieces for your Halloween costume. They do sell a few Halloween-themed clothing and accessories, but they also are great if you need any cheap, plain basics, like a white tank or a black dress. Their sale section also usually has fun, flashy pieces that could make a great costume.


Even though hardly anything in Dollarama is $1.00 now, it’s still really affordable. They have a massive Halloween section, and though a lot of it isn’t great, you can still find some decent pieces to work with. It’s also more affordable than Michaels if you’re making your costume from scratch. It obviously doesn’t have the selection that Michaels has, but if you just need things like bristol board, fake flowers or gems, then Dollarama is definitely your better option.

Do you have your Halloween costume yet? What are you going as for Halloween this year?


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