6 Shows I’ve Loved on Netflix this Summer


Even though I’ve been spending a lot of this summer outside, I have still been watching a ton of Netflix in the evening before bed. Jason likes to have something on to fall asleep to, so we’re always looking for new shows to watch together. It just dawned on me how many shows I actually have watched over the summer, and since it’s a pretty eclectic mix, I figured why not share the shows I’ve been watching with you guys on here!

Nailed It! This reality bake off competition takes three—not so great—home bakers and puts them through two rounds to try and recreate confectionaries and professional cakes for a chance to win the $10,000 prize. The end results are always hilarious and the humour is even more enhanced by the show’s host, Nicole Byer. Byer is a comedian and so naturally funny, and paired with the show’s other host, master pasty chef and chocolatier, Jacques Torres, makes for a charming duo. If you love baking shows and want a good laugh, then definitely give this a watch.

Alias Grace This CBC miniseries is based on the 1996 novel of the same name by Margaret Atwood, which follows the story of Grace Marks, an Irish-Canadian maid who is convicted of murder in Richmond Hill, Ontario in 1943. The series recounts the events leading up to the murder, as our unreliable narrator, Grace, tells her story to Dr. Jordan, who is hired to do a psychiatric evaluation on her. Sarah Gadon, who plays Grace Marks, is so mesmerizing in the role, and whether she is a murderess or not, you can’t help but adore her character. Jason didn’t want to watch this with me, and honestly it’s his lose, as I really enjoyed it—especially with that final episode.

I Am A Killer This crime docuseries looks at different death row inmates convicted of capital murder. Each episode focuses on a different inmate, as they tell us their side of the story of what happened, along with a bit of their back story. We also hear sides from the prosecution, as well as the inmate’s family and victim’s family. It’s crazy seeing how different each inmate is, as some express deep regret for their actions, while others deny them or show no remorse. Overall, it’s a really interesting series for any of you who are fascinated with true crime.


72 Dangerous Animals: Asia Okay, this show is just really fun and engaging to watch. Jason and I have already watched 72 Dangerous Animals: Australia and 72 Dangerous Animals: Latin America, and we were thrilled to find out the next instalment was coming out on August 10th. As the name suggests, this season looks at 72 dangerous animals from Asia and puts them head to head, as they determine which animal is the deadliest of all in Asia. The show interviews various wildlife experts and survivors of attacks, and it’s not only fascinating, but also very educational.

Disenchantment I was so excited to find out Matt Groening was releasing a new animated show on Netflix—this one is in a medieval setting that follows the misadventures of Bean, a princess, her personal demon, Luci, and an elf named Elfo. There’s only 10 episodes so far, and Jason and I breezed through them all in two nights. Though it doesn’t come close to The Simpsons (let’s be real though, nothing comes close to The Simpsons), it is very similar to Futurama in regards to the humour, and fans of Futurama will definitely appreciate all of the familiar voices. I think the characters are great, and the humour in it constantly made me laugh (especially Elfo).

Better Call Saul Finally, I also started watching the prequel to Breaking Bad. The fourth season premiered at the beginning of August, and since I loved Breaking Bad, and have constantly heard great things about the spinoff, I decided to finally give it a go. If you’re not aware, the show takes place six years before Breaking Bad, and follows small-time attorney, Jimmy McGill, and his transformation into the crooked, strip mall lawyer, Saul Goodman. I’ve only watched the first few episodes so far, but I’m already into it, as like most people, Saul Goodman was one of my favourite characters from Breaking Bad.


Now, I’m just patiently waiting for August 31st when the second season of Ozark comes out on Netflix. Anything you’ve been watching (and loving) lately on Netflix? I’d love to know!



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