6 Favourites | Spring Edition

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Headache Wellness Balm, The Body Shop Mineral & Ginger Warming Massage Clay Mask and Sephora Collection Honey Lip Scrub

We didn’t really get much of a spring here in Toronto—it seems like we had a prolonged winter and then went straight into summer. However, the last few days have been a lot cooler and more ‘springlike’, but I’m definitely hoping the summer weather returns soon! Until then, here’s what I’ve been loving this spring!

The Body Shop Mineral & Ginger Warming Massage Clay Mask I’m a sucker for a good warming face mask, and this one does not disappoint. I love how hot this mask gets on the skin, as I can feel my pores opening up and it’s such a soothing feeling. The combination of the heat along with ginger, cinnamon oil and kaolin clay really works to deep clean the skin, as well as absorb any excess oil. My skin always feels amazing after using this, but I will say it is a bit of a battle to get this thicker mask out of the tube.

Sephora Collection Honey Lip Scrub I love lip scrubs, but they can be quite messy to apply and you end up wasting quite a bit of product. I decided to try this as an alternative, and it’s so much more convenient with zero waste. And since there’s no mess it means I can apply this before bed, whilst in bed. This exfoliates the lips upon application, and then I either rub my lips together or use my finger to further exfoliate and dissolve the sugar. And once the sugar is dissolved, you’re left with a super hydrating balm and the combination leaves my lips smooth and soft.

Live Clean Mineral Clay Rebalancing Shampoo and Live Clean Mineral Clay Rebalancing ConditionerLive Clean Mineral Clay Rebalancing Shampoo* and Conditioner* This duo is the newest release from Live Clean and—no surprise—I absolutely love it! The use of three different mineral clays, along with vitamin E, provitamin B5, apple cider, witch hazel and tea tree removes product buildup and effectively cleanses and detoxifies the hair, while hydrating dry ends. This really has helped balance my hair out and since I’ve started using this duo I’ve been using a lot less dry shampoo.

Rocky Mountain Soap Company Headache Wellness Balm* This product has been an absolute saviour for me these past few months. Anytime I could feel a headache coming on, I just took one pump of this and massaged it onto my temples or wherever I was feeling pressure. Thanks to a combination of sweet marjoram, rosemary, peppermint and French lavender, this balm works quickly to alleviate any pressure or pain and allows me to get on with my day.

H&M Cotton Cargo Jacket (similar here) I’ve literally been living in this jacket all spring. The cotton material makes it super lightweight, but because it is more oversized you can also easily layer underneath it as well. It’s such a versatile addition to my wardrobe and I’ve been chucking it on overtop of all of my outfits. The H&M jacket I linked is a little different from mine, as I bought mine last year, but the two are extremely similar.

Westworld Season 2 I fell hard for season 1 of Westworld, so I’m so happy season 2 is finally here. It’s hard to say much about this season without spoiling anything, so all I’ll say is I’m really enjoying the new season so far. It is very different in comparison to season 1, as there is so much more going on amidst the chaos with all of the flashbacks, different storylines and other ‘worlds’. This sci-fi western is just written and executed so well and if you’re not watching it, then you’re seriously missing out.

What things have you been loving this spring?


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