New Things I’ve Been Loving from the Drugstore


Happy Sunday! I’m currently trying not to think about the fact that it’s December 1st this Friday—seriously, did November even happen? Anyways, there are so many new things I have been loving recently from the drugstore, that I wanted to share some of them here with you. There’s also a ton of things I still have my eye on at the drugstore, but that’s for another day/blogpost.

Here’s what I’ve currently been loving:

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer I have been searching for this concealer for what feels like forever—to the point I was starting to wonder if it just wasn’t available in Canada. After months of searching, I finally found it at the Walmart at Square One and it has quickly become my favourite concealer at the moment. It offers high coverage without creasing or caking and easily conceals and brightens my under eye area, and is also great for covering any blemishes. Like the Photo Focus Foundation, this concealer is tested under seven different lighting conditions to ensure your skin is always free of any white cast in photos. I honestly can’t rave about this concealer enough—it definitely rivals some of the high-end concealers on the market!

e.l.f. Hydrating Bubble Mask Something that we definitely don’t get in Canada is e.l.f. skincare, but my sister was in the US a little while ago and kindly picked this up for me. I was surprised how clean and soft this mask left my skin—you won’t get a crazy amount of tiny bubbles from it, but it definitely gives you enough to be called a ‘bubble mask’. This is more fun than anything to use, and I love watching the gel bubble up right before my eyes. The one negative I have is that it burns like crazy if you get it in your eyes, so be warned. I would also recommend not applying this near your nostrils, as once the bubbles begin to dissipate, it really tickles the inside of your nose.

Rimmel Wonder’Lash Volume Colourist Mascara This mascara has been on my list to try for ages, and I managed to score it for only $2.00 (!) when it was on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart with a $5.00 off coupon also stuck to it. I had mostly wanted to try this because it claims to gradually tint bare lashes in just two weeks, but I haven’t been using it consistently enough to notice much of a difference. However, I absolutely love how this mascara looks on my lashes. The brush on this easily separates my lashes and fans them out beautifully with zero clumping  It doesn’t really give much volume, but it does lengthen, and overall just enhances my lashes in the best way possible. Unfortunately, this mascara does have a tendency to smudge/bleed, so I don’t wear it on my lower lashes and I also avoid wearing this if I know I’m going to be outside.

IMG_9412Essence Colour Correcting Mattifying Powder For years, I’ve been in a pretty committed relationship with the e.l.f. Tone Correcting Powder, but this correcting powder by Essence is also really great. I love how the colours in this one are all marbled together, as it allows you to swirl them all together evenly. This powder neutralizes any redness and discolouration in my skin and sets my makeup wonderfully. It also mattifies the skin, which the e.l.f. one doesn’t do. If it only had a mirror, I would be completely smitten with this product.

Hard Candy Velvet Mousse Matte Lip Color* This lip colour is part of the Lips of Love Velvet Mousse Collection that Hard Candy came out with for the holidays. All three shades in this set are super pigmented, smell like vanilla cake and have this wonderful light, whipped texture that feels amazing on the lips. I particularly love this mauve shade, which dries down more as a demi-matte, which I like, as it still wears well throughout the day, but without feeling too drying on the lips. Unfortunately, the lip colours in this set don’t come with names, though I would say this shade looks pretty identical to ‘Spider Orchid’ in the Velvet Mousse range.

IMG_9378 (1)

What have you been loving recently from the drugstore?


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  1. Great post 🙂 I’ve not tried the volume colourist mascara yet, but it’s the next on my list to try! 🙂 .x.


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