What I’m Doing, Wearing & Watching this October


We are well into fall now, and even though we have still had some pretty warm days, I have been loving seeing the changing leaves, breathing in the crisp air and hearing the crunch of leaves under my feet.

October is one of my favourite months, as it’s the month where we truly get to enjoy and experience all the sights, sounds and smells that accompany fall, as once it gets towards IMG_7648mid-November we tend to start to shift towards Christmas and preparing for winter. I love October from start to finish, and I really wanted to share with you all what I am getting up to this month!

So, here’s what I’m doing, wearing and watching this October:

What I’m Doing

I get so excited once it’s October 1st because it’s when it truly begins to feel like fall, and it means Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays, as it feels a bit like Christmas, but without the stress of buying presents. We just had Thanksgiving this past weekend, and it was so nice to relax, overindulge and spend quality time with my family. Other things I am looking forward to doing this month includes:

  • Going to a pumpkin patch
  • Going apple picking
  • Carving pumpkins and roasting the pumpkin seeds
  • Attending some sort of spooky attraction

What I’m Wearing

I’ve mentioned in other blogposts how fall, along with spring, are my favourite seasons for fashion as—to quote myself—during the summertime I’m too focused on being comfortable and keep it simple and come winter I’m bundled up and focused on staying warm. I love transitioning into chunky knits, cozy scarves and ankle boots, and digging my leather jacket out of storage, which becomes my second skin. I also change up my makeup and begin to reach for more vampy shades, as well as products that offer fuller coverage. Here’s what I’m loving this fall in regards to fashion and beauty:

Turtlenecks, Matt & Nat Elle Crossbody, Loose JeansGrey Ankle Boots
Vasanti Power Oils Lip Gloss in ‘Empress’*, Essie Nail Polish in ‘Wicked’, Shiseido Synchro Skin Lasting Liquid Foundation* & Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in ‘Jet Black’

What I’m Watching

Finally, a big part of October for me is binge watching a ton of horror films. I’ll happily watch horrors and thrillers all year long, but once it’s October I embrace my love for all things spooky and creepy (it’s also Friday the 13th this week—how fitting!). So far, I have binge watched all of the Saw films in anticipation for the newest instalment, Jigsaw, which comes out on October 27th. I have also been re-watching some of Guillermo del Toro’s films after seeing his amazing exhibit, At Home with Monsters, at the Art Gallery of Ontario on my birthday—which is a hauntingly perfect exhibit to go and see this month! In terms of television, I am so happy Halloween Wars and Halloween Baking Championship are back on the Food Network, as I am obsessed with both shows, and the Food Network in general. Speaking of television, I am also looking forward to:

  • The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXVIII (October 22nd)
  • The Walking Dead Season 8 (October 22nd)
  • Stranger Things Season 2 (October 27th)

What are your favourite things when it comes to fall and what are you getting up to for the month of October? I’d love to know!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Britney says:

    I love this time of year too! I love horror movies in general, but there’s always something extra special about them in October.


    1. ellerow says:

      I couldn’t agree more! xo


  2. Love what you’re doing and wearing. But I can’t do what you’re watching, scary movies scare the heck out of me! 😱



    1. ellerow says:

      Hahaha I love scary movies!! Thanks for reading! xo

      Liked by 1 person

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