Relaunched & Revamped | Kat Von D Saint + Sinner Eau de Parfums


There are two sides in all of us…

The beauty world was ecstatic to hear that Kat Von D was bringing back her hugely popular Saint + Sinner fragrances—the same enticing scents, but with an updated design. I was definitely intrigued by these sister-scents and receiving these little tester bottles, complimentary from Influenster, was the perfect way to try these out.

As I mentioned, I received these products complimentary for testing purposes thanks to Influenster, an online community designed for anyone with a social media following. Along with helping you discover new products, you also have access to millions of honest product reviews—it’s definitely worth checking out and signing up for!

I definitely watched a lot of Kat Von D in my teens in terms of Miami Ink and LA Ink (gotta love those Sunday afternoon marathons on TLC) and have always praised her for her artistic talent. However, I never really explored her beauty line in my late teens/early 20s, so I was not familiar with the original Saint + Sinner fragrances and how popular they really were. If you’re like me and not familiar with the original Saint +and Sinner fragrances, here is what they originally looked like:

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Image from Pinterest.

And here’s what they look like now:

Image from Sephora.

As you can see, the bottles have been completely revamped and Kat Von D hand-sketched the design herself. The bottles have a totally gothic feel and remind me of potion bottles, which I love.

Now onto the actual ‘potions’. Since I haven’t tried Saint + Sinner before, I can’t vouch if it’s the same scent as before like it claims to be. However, what I can vouch for is that both of these fragrances smell absolutely incredible and all of the different layers within them pack a punch without being overpowering. As mentioned, they are sister-scents, meaning they can be worn alone or layered together.

IMG_6590Saint* has that classic floral scent that I especially love wearing during the day. It’s light and sweet and overall, just an easy scent to wear. The key notes in here are vanilla, musk and jasmine, which blend beautifully with the other notes, which include Tiaré flower, mandarin, caramel, Mirabelle plum and sandalwood. I’m a huge sucker for vanilla and jasmine, so I adore the scent of this.

Sinner*, on the other hand, has a warm and spicy scent to it and is much more sultry and something I would definitely reach for in the evenings. Despite it being a sultry scent, I also find it to be a cozy scent because of the warm notes in this, which include patchouli, wood and cinnamon. These key notes help to enhance the other notes of vanilla, white florals and vetiver that are in here. I love that the scent of this gives me an instant confidence boost whenever I apply it.

Saint + Sinner are sold in-store and online at Sephora, as well as online at Kat Von D Beauty and both retail for $30 (10mL), $88 (50mL) and $115 (100mL) each. Like all of Kat Von D’s products, these perfumes are cruelty-free and they are also vegan.

So, are you a saint or a sinner? For myself, I think I’m somewhere in-between.


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