Summer Beach Essentials


It’s officially summer, and that means I’ve got one main thing on my mind—the beach. I get my love for the sand and water from my parents, and even though I didn’t grow up in a little beach town, I did spend a good chunk of my childhood at the beach, either locally or in Florida.

That being said, it seems like we might have a summer where the weather is all over the place (there’s a thunderstorm going on as I type this), which means I’ll need to take advantage of the warm, sunny days that we do get this summer.

So, for the beautiful days we do get, you better believe I’ll be spending it at the beach as much as possible. And when it comes to packing my beach bag, these are the essentials:


Alba Botanica Sunscreen I’ve realized the best way to ensure I reapply my sunscreen throughout the day is by opting for a spray one and I love the new Sport Continuous Spray Sunscreen SPF 50+* and Kids Continuous Spray Sunscreen SPF 50+* that Alba Botanica has released. These both disperse evenly and the spray on both of these are air-powered with no chemical propellants, making them much more eco-friendly. Both sunscreens are also water-resistant, cruelty-free and free of any nasty ingredients such as nanoparticles, which are absorbed into the bloodstream. On top of all that, these not only protect your skin from the sun, but also help to nourish and condition the skin with ingredients such as green tea, aloe leaf and vitamin E. Overall, both sunscreens are effective and great spray options, but I do prefer the Kids one a bit more than the Sport. It absorbs more quickly and has no scent to it, whereas the Sport one is a bit sticky and I’m not a huge fan of the scent of it.

Live Clean Face Mineral Sunscreen Lotion SPF 45* One of my favourite brands, Live Clean, has expanded into sun care products, and I am loving this naturally derived mineral face sunscreen that contains no synthetic chemical sunscreen. This feels like a moisturizer on the skin that is lightweight and sinks quickly into the skin, making it perfect for everyday. I also find this evens out my skin tone a bit even though it is non-whitening. Like all Live Clean products, this is free of any nasty ingredients (including nanoparticles), is vegan, cruelty-free and made in Canada.

Live Clean After Sun Aloe Vera Gel* I love applying aloe vera to my skin after spending all day in the sun, and I like keeping this in my beach bag, so I can apply it right away. You are probably aware of the cooling and soothing properties of aloe vera and this new release from Live Clean is made up of 98% certified organic aloe vera. However, this gentle product also includes ingredients like Australian tea tree oil, arnica extract and vitamin E, which all work to combat sun-weary skin and leave it feeling quenched all-over. Though it says this is fragrance-free, it does have that typical aloe vera scent, which I love, as it reminds me a bit of maraschino cherries.

Palmer’s Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Lip Butter Depending what the weather is like sometimes I’ll pack a lip balm with SPF, whilst other times I’ll opt for a thicker lip butter like this one. This stuff smells good enough to eat and contains cocoa butter and vitamin E to help soothe and soften your lips all day long along with peppermint oil, which gives your lips that slight tingly feeling. This gives your lips a pretty sheen without being sticky and your lips are left feeling super nourished. This does contain petrolatum, which I know is not the best ingredient, but I do find petroleum creates a bit of a barrier on my lips and helps prevent them from getting sun burnt.

S’well Bikini Pink Satin Water Bottle* An insulated water bottle is an absolute must for the beach, especially if I don’t have a small cooler with me. S’well water bottles are the perfect option, as not only do they look super chic, but they keep your beverage cold for 24 hours, so you can stay hydrated without worrying about your water getting undesirably warm. These stainless steel bottles are toxin-free and such great quality—IMG_5731super durable, but also lightweight. The wide opening also means you can add ice cubes to your drink to keep it icy cold, which is absolutely ideal on sweltering days. I love the bright pink shade of mine, but if pink isn’t your thing, they come in a ton of other different colours and patterns, and also come in a larger 17 oz size.

AdoreMe Swimwear Of course, I have to mention swimwear. I love shopping on AdoreMe for lingerie, but their swimwear is also worth checking out. They have a ton of flattering styles for affordable prices and they offer a great range of sizes for all body types. I have the Adina bikini (pictured), which is a style I bought last year, and it fits me perfectly and leaves me feeling super confident whenever I wear it. I definitely don’t need another bikini (they’re like potato chips, you can’t just have one), but I do have my eyes set on a few on their website:


Dallys Bikini, Lionna Bikini, Naari Bikini and Odelyn Bikini

Once I’ve got all of those packed all I need are my favourite shades (which are currently my Emma Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters), a comfy beach blanket and some snacks and I’m ready to spend the day at the beach!

What are your summer beach essentials?


10 Comments Add yours

  1. veganneeds says:

    Such as great list! What’s your favorite Sunscreen?


    1. ellerow says:

      Right now it’s definitely the Alba Botanica Kids Continuous Spray Sunscreen! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. veganneeds says:

        Awesome need to try that! just got the kiss my face sunscreen, it’s a spray too and I am loving it!! I don’t know why I wasn’t using sprays before!!! So much easier ❤️


      2. ellerow says:

        Right?! Spray sunscreens are so much more convenient and I love that these ones are eco-friendly! Def gonna look for the Kiss My Face one! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂 xo

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Great beach essentials! I love the sunnies


    1. ellerow says:

      Thank you! 🙂


  3. Julia - The Honey House says:

    Thats the cutest bikini top ever!! Lovely post 🙂


    1. ellerow says:

      It’s my favourite bikini top I own! And thank you! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Super handy! Thank you so much! x


    1. ellerow says:

      Thanks for reading! xo

      Liked by 1 person

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