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I hope you all have had a lovely Sunday and Happy Father’s Day to all the awesome dads out there! We are now onto the third part of my ‘5 Under $5’ series (my last one covered haircare, which you can read here), and today we are talking about some of my favourite and of course, affordable, bath and body products.

If you were thinking about treating yourself to a little Sunday night pampering, here are some affordable products I would definitely recommend trying:

LUSH Butterball Bath Bomb – $4.95

One of my favourite bath bombs from Lush is also one of the most boring ones, as it has no crazy, swirling colours or sparkles—and that’s exactly why I love it. I love a good bath bomb, but I personally can do without ones that dye my bath water or have added bits that offer no skin benefits. This fizzer just smells amazing and gives you buttery bath water that conditions the skin. It fills your bath with a beautiful aroma of vanilla and ylang ylang that is so relaxing and the flecks of fair trade cocoa butter in this leaves your skin feeling soft.

Le Petit Marseillais Orange Blossom Extra Gentle Shower Crème Body Wash* – $4.99

I have been loving this shower creme at the moment because the formula of it feels expensive, despite being so affordable (it actually retails for over $5, but my local Walmart sells it for under $5, which is an absolute steal). This gentle body wash lathers up well, leaves my skin feeling soft and clean and smells so incredible. It smells quite summery, making it perfect to use right now, and has this sweet, slightly floral fragrance that is intoxicating. I have a full review of the Le Petit Marseillais body washes, which you can read here.

The Body Shop Coconut Oil Soap – $5.00

I definitely prefer body washes over actual bar soap, but I do like having a bar to use when I have a bath. Soaps tend to dry out my skin, but these ones from The Body Shop are a bit more forgiving. The Body Shop has so many options in regards to scents, but I personally feel like you can never go wrong with coconut, as the nutty scent of it makes me feel like I am on a tropical vacation. These soaps use certified sustainable palm oil and this one specifically uses community trade, cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil from Samoa, which is such a beneficial ingredient for your skin.

The Body Shop Ultra Fine Bath Lily – $5.00

A fiver may seem expensive for a bath lily—or loofah as I call them—and you definitely can get one for a lot cheaper, but these ones from The Body Shop are my favourite and in my opinion are worth the extra dollars. These are so soft, allowing gentle cleansing and exfoliation. However, what I like best about these and what makes them worth the few extra dollars is how durable they are—even after months of daily use they still hold their shape and even though they are soft they are dense, so they can hold a lot of shower gel/soap meaning you do not waste product with this.

Freeman Bare Foot Lavender + Mint Foot Scrub – $3.99

I am super adamant on keeping my feet smooth and soft and I like to alternate between using a pumice stone and a foot scrub to achieve that. Though I still have not forgiven Freeman for discontinuing my favourite body scrub, they do have a ton of other great, affordable products and right now I am particularly loving this foot scrub. The lavender and mint scent is calming and the mint is also cooling, which is great after a long day. It is super gritty and abrasive, which means it not only easily buffs and polishes your feet, but also feels like a wicked foot massage. Win-win.


I will be posting the last instalment of my ‘5 Under $5’ series on Tuesday, but it is probably the most exciting, as it is makeup! So, I would love to see you back in a couple of days!

What affordable bath and body products would you recommend?



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  1. Super jealous! I wish there was Bath & Body Works in the UK! x


    1. ellerow says:

      This is just a bath & body related post – not Bath & Body Works!


      1. I know! But since the post was named after it, it made me super jealous haha! You’ll have to excuse me, I haven’t slept all night so may not make much sense! You’ve managed to pick up some great things for a bargain price though! Great post x


      2. ellerow says:

        Hahaha it’s okay you’re excused! xo

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