6 Favourites | Spring Edition


Spring has been a whirlwind of emotions for me, to say the least. From wrapping up the last semester of my undergrad, to celebrating being done school by heading off to the Dominican Republic for fun and relaxation, only to come back from vacation to my fur baby being incredibly sick.

Being back from vacation I was excited to focus more on my blog, but my main priority the past two weeks has been my fur baby and getting him better. Despite all of the stress, I am happy to report he seems to be doing significantly better and on the road to recovery!

So, now that I can take a huge sigh of relief I can focus more on blogging again and I wanted to start by sharing my favourites! Here’s what I have been loving throughout spring:

Essence The False Lashes Mascara Dramatic Volume Unlimited I have been using this mascara for about a month now and it has absolutely blown me away in regards to performance. This mascara is one of the best I have ever tried—and I have tried a lot of mascaras that are drugstore and high-end. The brush on this completely separates your lashes and allows the product to go on clump-free no matter how much you put on. It gives my lashes so much length and volume and wears wonderfully all day long with no smudging or flaking. And the $4.99 price tag just makes it that much better.

Marcelle Accent Eyebrow Crayon in ‘Blondine’ Another product that has really impressed me is this brow pencil. I have been using brow powder and an angled brush to fill in my brows for ages, but I wanted something that was quicker and easier to apply for everyday. This pencil checks off all the boxes—perfect consistency, matches my brows, easy to use, looks natural, sharpens great and it has a spoolie on the one end. I just set this with some brow gel and I’m good to go.

IMG_5029Live Clean Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner* I was so excited to receive the newest shampoo and conditioner in the Live Clean range, as this one is specifically designed to thicken and volumize the hair with biotin (vitamin B7), which is right up my street. I have been using these for the last couple of months and have noticed such a difference in my hair in terms of fullness and texture. My hair also seems so much stronger thanks to ingredients like ginseng and lavender. This smells amazing and contains no nasty ingredients and—dare I say it—it just might be my favourite shampoo and conditioner in their range.

Batiste Lotus Dry Shampoo I love the makeover Batiste has given their dry shampoos and I was also thrilled to see they had some new scents. I am not sure if they changed the formula of their dry shampoos, but I find they do not have as much white residue as they used to, which is great. I love the packaging of this one and this scent is described as ‘pretty and opulent’, which I agree with. It smells like it could be a beautiful perfume and I love that it lightly fragrances the hair.

Live Clean Vanilla Oatmeal Soothing Body Wash* I absolutely love the Live Clean body
washes and when I saw they were coming out with a vanilla one I got way more excited than I should have. The vanilla scent is prominent in here, but it also smells very clean IMG_5028and soothing. Paired with chamomile and oatmeal, these ingredients work together to gently cleanse and soothe dry skin and my skin feels so much softer after using this. It lathers up great, like all Live Clean body washes do, and also contains no nasty ingredients.

Beauty and the Beast The live-action version of my favourite Disney film growing up was absolutely everything I had hoped it would be. I went to go see it with mum, which only seemed fitting seeing as she had to watch the 1991 animated classic with me on a daily basis when I was a kid. I thought they cast everyone perfectly—I know some people did not think Emma Watson was the right choice for Belle, but I loved her in the role. I appreciated that they stayed true to the original and the things they did add in terms of back stories I liked, and I also loved the new songs that they added (I have been listening to the soundtrack repeatedly on Spotify).

What are your favourites for the spring?


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