5 Things That Get Me Back into the Groove of School


Even though I thoroughly enjoyed my month off between summer school and now, it’s hard to believe it’s already back-to-school. I also can’t believe I’m in my last year of my undergrad and despite my hectic, busy schedule I know it is going to fly by.

To help me transition into the fall semester and keep me on top of everything, here are 5 things that get me back into the groove of school.

Getting Back Into a Routine

I’m someone that thrives off routine and since I don’t work full-time with a set work schedule, school gives me that. Being on a routine keeps me busy and puts me in a better mood overall. Even though after September school starts to get stressful and overwhelming, having a routine gives me a bit of peace of mind and especially makes me really appreciate my days off.

Fall Fashion

Fall is definitely my favourite season and I absolutely love fall fashion in regards to layering and looking put together whilst still being cozy. During the summertime I’m too focused on being comfortable and keep it simple and come winter I’m bundled up and focused on staying warm. So, spring and fall are really the only times I put some serious thought into my outfits. Fall fashion always gives me a confident boost and though it’s a total placebo effect, I feel like I perform better in class.

Starting a New Show

Starting a new show really gets me back into the groove of school, as it gives me something to look forward to in the evenings and something to unwind with. The weather is getting cooler which means more nights in curled up on the couch and having a show to watch instead of flicking through the TV or trying to decide what to watch on Netflix for an hour makes your evenings that much more relaxing. My boyfriend and I want to (finally) start watching Vikings and we also want to re-watch Game of Thrones from the start. I also want to start watching Doctor Who again, as I stopped in the middle of season 4.


Staying Organized

As someone who doesn’t deal well with stress, staying organized is key. By writing out to-do lists, keeping all my school stuff together (especially my notes) and filling in my agenda makes everything a lot easier and keeps me on top of everything. Staying organized in regards to budget is also super important as going back to university means a lot of money between tuition, books and transit. If I breakdown my paycheques and student loan and make the effort to budget myself accordingly then that takes a huge weight off my shoulders.

Keeping a Clear Mind

This last one may seem a little vague, but it’s something I really struggle with as an all-or-nothing person. And it’s super frustrating, as once I have fallen off the school train and start to get lazy, I have a hard time getting back on board. Things that help me keep a clear mind is yoga and meditation, getting enough sleep and eating the right foods that give me plenty of energy and nourish my brain and body. This helps with me staying positive and keeping school as my main priority and focus.

I’m wishing all of you that are also back in school a successful year with minimal stress! We can do it!


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  1. Through Hollies Eyes says:

    Great post!


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