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I am a huge fan of scrubs and I think they are something that everyone should be using to help achieve softer, smoother skin (I actually have a whole blog post dedicated to achieving soft, smooth skin, which you can read here). That being said, as someone with sensitive skin, I am pretty picky when it comes to scrubs and they are definitely not all created equally. I was recently introduced to joeSCRUB* and have been testing out their scrubs for the last couple of weeks and I am totally smitten with these guys.

joeSCRUB* products are made in Toronto, Canada and are vegan, cruelty-free and 100% natural, with each scrub only containing 7 to 9 ingredients. They are free of any nasty, unpronounceable ingredients, so you can scrub this all over your body and face with confidence.

The benefits of using joeSCRUB* include:

  • diminishing toxins and signs of cellulite
  • reducing premature skin aging
  • treating acne
  • alleviating psoriasis and eczema
  • fading scars and discoloured skin
  • exfoliating dead skin
  • protecting against free radicals

To read more about the benefits of each of their ingredients, check out their Why joe? page.

These scrubs can be messy, so I recommend using them in the shower. In the shower, I wet my skin before applying whichever scrub and let it sit on my body for about 5 minutes, so I can really reap the benefits of the ingredients before scrubbing it off. My skin has been noticeably smoother and softer each time I use these.


The Coffee Scrub

With fair trade organic coffee and organic cacao, their original scrub smells delicious and good enough to eat! I love the grittiness of coffee scrubs as they effectively remove any imperfections without being too abbrasive and irritating your skin. Coffee helps stimulate the skin and promotes blood circulation and after using this my skin looks and feels much more radiant and toned. Along with coffee and cacao, this scrub also contains Himalayan pink salt, brown sugar, organic coconut oil, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, jasmine oil and distilled water.

The Charcoal Scrub

The two new scrubs by joeSCRUB* are much more of a moist formula, whereas the coffee one is dry and looks like—for lack of a better word—dirt. I love activated charcoal, as it really does help to remove toxins and detoxify the body. Since I have a couple charcoal face products that I love, I have really been enjoy using this scrub on my body—specifically on my arms and legs. This scrub has that typical charcoal scent, but also contains lavender and rosemary essential oils which gives it a much more aromatherapy smell. Along with those ingredients, this scrub also contains organic cane sugar, organic chamomile, shea butter, castor oil and organic coconut oil.

The Matcha Scrub

This guy smells like green tea ice cream and tastes like it too (yes, I tasted it, guilty as charged). I have never tried any products with matcha in it, but after one use this scrub left my face baby soft and I think this is a new staple product for me. Matcha is full of antioxidants and excellent for detoxifying. Along with organic matcha green tea powder, this scrub also contains organic cane sugar, shea butter, apricot kernel oil, organic coconut oil, calendula oil and sandalwood essential oil.


These scrubs are incredibly affordable and sell for $5.00 each for 50g and the coffee scrub also comes in a 150g bag for $16.00. Each bag is resealable and comes in a waterproof jacket.

To celebrate the launch of their charcoal and matcha scrubs, use the code LAUNCH25 to receive 25% off your order until the end of February! If you give these guys a try, make sure to let me know what you think!


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  1. Will have to check this out!


    1. ellerow says:

      You won’t be disappointed! 🙂


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