My Favourite Fragrance


Fragrance is a very personal thing and scent preference differs from person to person. I was never one to splurge on fragrance, as I never found one I truly loved. Why would I spend a lot of money on a fragrance that, to me, was just okay? Then I discovered Hanae Mori Butterfly.

First, a trip down (fragrance) memory lane…

In grade 7 and 8, my friends and I were obsessed with the Calgon body sprays (Hawaiian Ginger, anyone?). Beginning of high school I wore Curious by Britney Spears and towards the end of high school, I was wearing fragrances from Hollister and Victoria’s Secret. After high school, I wore a fragrance by Aerie for awhile, before falling in love with the Neroli Jasmine scent from The Body Shop. After Neroli Jasmine was (sadly) discontinued, I decided it was time to find myself a ‘big girl’ scent.

I was finding a lot of scents that I liked, but none that I could say—with confidence—I loved. Then I got a free sample of Hanae Mori Butterfly with a Sephora order and it was love at first scent and after that moment I knew I had found my favourite fragrance. To me, it is one of those fragrances that the more I smell it, the more I love it. It smells incredibly feminine and classy and is not overpowering or offensive.


If you are not familiar with Madam Mori, she is Japan’s most internationally renowned female fashion designer and the first Japanese woman to show her collections on the runways of Paris and New York. To me, she is a true inspiration in regards to the businesswoman.

Hanae Mori Parfums, which are made in France, reflect the same beauty and simplicity as her designs. Butterfly is a blend of wild strawberries from the South of France, Bulgarian rose and almond wood from Hawaii, along with sweet blackberries, blackcurrants, bilberries, ylang-ylang, jasmine, French peony, sandalwood, rosewood and cedar.

Despite the notes of berries, this fragrance is not fruity at all. Instead, the notes blend together to give this wonderful sweetness of vanilla (despite there being no vanilla in this fragrance). It is balanced perfectly with the subtle floral fragrances and earthy notes, which make this fragrance not sickly sweet.

This elegant and timeless fragrance is housed inside an equally elegant and timeless bottle, with a glass top that mimics the appearance of closed butterfly wings. Overall, it is just a beautiful fragrance, inside and out, and I absolutely love it.

In regards to price, this fragrance ranges from $31-$126 and you can purchase it online at Sephora.

Have you tried Hanae Mori Butterfly? What’s your favourite fragrance?


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    1. ellerow says:

      It’s such a lovely fragrance! 🙂


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