Sunday Stuff | Volume 2


Oh Sunday, I am so happy you are here. Last week was back to school for me, so I was busy settling into my courses and getting back into a routine. This weekend also gave me little room to relax as I had to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So, after finishing my shift this morning at work, I met my best friend for coffee and a much needed catch up and I am now home for the rest of the day and am craving some ‘me’ time in terms of a little pampering.

This is my second installment of Sunday Stuff, my first one being from back in August, which you can find here. Here’s what I am using today to help me unwind, relax and prepare me for the coming week.

The Body Shop Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt

Of course, running a bath was at the top of my list and I love adding this bath melt to the running water. Made with Community Fair Trade honey, I find the sweet, floral scent of this very calming and it bubbles up generously leaving your bath with creamy, lightly fragranced bubbles. I love The Body Shop’s bubble bath products, as they do not irritate or dry out my skin, which is a huge problem I have with a lot of bubble bath products.

Yankee Candle Pure Radiance Crackling Toasted Almond

Accompanying the side of my bath is this deliciously scented candle. I love anything almond scented and I want to eat this every time I smell it. It has a crackling wooden wick which is so relaxing whilst you soak in the bath. I love this line of candles as the scents are not overpowering and sickening and fragrance the room just enough. Unfortunately, this scent may have been seasonal, as I cannot find it on the website anymore.

Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask

Between the cold weather, the city and central heating, my skin has been less than happy and I have been dying to do a face mask all week. Right now, my skin definitely needs a little detoxifying, so I am reaching for my beloved Origins face mask, which I have raved about in the past. Activated charcoal unclogs pores and draws out toxins, dirt and all that gross stuff your skin is exposed to everyday. Whenever I use this my skin feels like it can breath so much better and it feels instantly smoother.

Essie Nail Polish in ‘Apres-Chic’

I got this nail polish for Christmas and it’s all I have been wearing for the month of January. From Essie’s Winter 2015 Collection, this polish is a beautiful shimmery silver meaning it was perfect for New Years and it’s still the only polish I want to wear right now. This polish dries extremely fast (within minutes), so I love it even more and it makes painting my nails that much less stressful. It is a little stubborn to remove and without a top coat it wears off really quickly, but I can forgive it, simply because the colour is so pretty.

Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub

Lastly, time to give my lips a little TLC. I mentioned in my last post that my lips get horribly dry during the winter and these last two products are my go-to lip products to keeping my lips soft and kissable. Castor sugar gently exfoliates and removes dead skin and jojoba oil nourishes my lips leaving them instantly softer. This scrub also tastes like sweet mint and I find the peppermint oil stimulates my lips making them feel fuller.

Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask

After I have exfoliated my lips, I am slathering this natural lip mask on. Regular old lip balm is just not cutting it right now, so this product has been a saviour. It acts as a barrier on my lips nourishing them and locking moisture in. It is thick and hydrating, but not sticky and smells sweet and delicious. I apply this day and night, but I particularly love it before bed where it really gets a chance to sink in.

Now that I am feeling all relaxed and rejuvenated, it’s time to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and watch Harry Potter—Alan Rickman, the world misses you.


8 Comments Add yours

  1. Anna Morsillo says:

    I LOVE Origins products. I haven’t tried that one yet, but I definitely want to! That lip mask sounds really cool… I’ve never heard of something like that, I’m going to have to try it!


    1. ellerow says:

      I love Origins too! My skin seems to take really well to their products 🙂 and the lip mask is so good for healing really chapped lips!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jess says:

    I loved that candle! I’m normally more into the fruity Yankee candle scents but that one was so perfect for Christmas- I can’t find it anywhere either though now 😦 xo


    1. ellerow says:

      I wish it was part of their permanent collection! Smells so delicious! xo

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Sarah says:

    Love the origins face mask too!


    1. ellerow says:

      It’s such a fabulous product! 🙂


  4. Love love this post! Great blog btw!! 🙂


    1. ellerow says:

      Thank you so much!! xo

      Liked by 1 person

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