Christmas Gift Guide for Him | $25 and Under


Not entirely sure where November went or the beginning of December for that matter, but there’s only two weeks until Christmas Eve—which is crazy! I have barely done any Christmas shopping and I definitely need to get on that.

Anyways, last week I posted my Gift Guide for Her and today I have my Gift Guide for Him to share. Like my last one, all the products shown are $25 and under and to be honest, I would totally be happy to receive most of the gifts shown here.

So, if you need some affordable ideas for a boyfriend, brother, dad, friend—whoever—I hope this guide is helpful!

1. Star Wars Jedi Robe Sleeved Blanket – $24.99

Okay, I am not starting this gift guide on a great note. When I wrote this blogpost this product was listed as $24.99 and now it is showing $29.99. Can we agree to let this one slide simply based on its awesomeness? This Jedi robe, which has the symbol of the Jedi Order on the chest, is—in my opinion—a cooler Snuggie, in the softest fleece. What Star Wars fan doesn’t want to snuggle up in this whilst having a Star Wars marathon in anticipation for the new film?

2. Beerology by Mirella Amato – $24.95

The perfect coffee table book that any beer enthusiast is sure to appreciate. Written by beer specialist Mirella Amato, this book is packed with everything from the history and origins of certain brews, beer and food pairing, tasting guide and even beer cocktails.

3. Pinball Pint Glass – $16.00

A pint glass and classic arcade game in one makes this the perfect party glass. Just launch the pinball and where it lands determines your next move. This just seems like such a fun gift and would be especially great for someone that is living on residence (aka my brother).

4. Clinique Post-Shave Soother – $23.00

As a kid, I used to always get my dad after shave for Christmas and this one by Clinique seems like a great higher-end option. The reviews on this product are fantastic and claims to help heal minor nicks and cuts, whilst aloe vera helps soothe razor burn and relieve dryness.

5. Cheerson CX-10 Mini Drone – $17.00 to $21.00

For the kid at heart, these little guys are an affordable option for beginners, compared to the much more expensive ones on the market. This one fits in the palm of your hand and though they don’t have the best battery life, they are really quick to charge and once they are good to go they not only move fast, but they are also capable of doing tricks once you get the hang of it.

6. Gaming Cartridge Flasks – $19.99 (50% off right now)

How amazing are these flasks that look like old-school NES cartridges? These are seriously so cool and you can be all nostalgic as you swig your liquor of choice from it. There’s three different cartridges: ‘Drunk Hunt’, ‘The Legend of Drink’ and ‘Fine Ale Fantasy’.

7. Lush Kalamazoo Beard and Facial Wash – $9.95 to $22.95

My friend raved about this product after I complained about scratchy beards, so I totally think this is worth mentioning. This face wash doubles as a beard wash leaving your guy with the softest facial hair. This vegan product contains pineapple juice which cleanses and rids the skin of dirt and oil, while almond oil, jojoba oil and cupuaçu butter leaves both skin and beard super soft.

8. Mo’s Bacon Chocolate Chip Pancake Mix – $12.00

Bacon, chocolate and pancakes—really, how can you go wrong? I have never heard of this brand, but their products have great reviews and this would be a great stocking stuffer for any bacon lover. This buttermilk pancake mix contains chunks of their Exotic Chocolate Bar which has fruitwood smoked bacon, sea salt and milk chocolate. I don’t even eat bacon and this sounds incredible.

9. Athletic Stripe Touchscreen Glove – $24.00 (30% off right now)

If your guy sticks with those cheap black gloves, this could be a nice alternative. The athletic stripe on the cuff is a nice detail and these acrylic knit gloves from Urban Outfitters are also touchscreen making them even better for someone you know that maybe walks to work or class or is outside a lot.

10. Game of Thrones Sword Mug – $14.99

I have a slight mug obsession and as a huge Game of Thrones fan myself, I would be thrilled to receive this mug, which has various weapons from the Realm of Westeros around it. From Arya Stark’s Needle to Brienne of Tarth’s Oathkeeper to Samwell’s Dragon Glass this is one badass mug to sip your morning coffee out of.

11. The Body Shop Hemp Express Gift Set – $15.00

The hemp line from The Body Shop is amazing for dry, sensitive skin and eliminates any roughness thanks to Community Fair Trade hemp seed oil from England. This set comes with the hand cream and lip balm which are both fantastic products and are housed inside a great reusable tin. Also, purchasing this gift provides a family in Ethiopia with one day of safe water with WaterAid.

12. American Apparel Unisex Beanie – $22.00

As a Canadian, to me this is a toque and not a beanie, but either way it is a great hat for the winter. I have one of them and it has held up extremely well, kept its shape, does not slide off the head and most importantly, keeps me warm. It also comes in so many colours from neutrals to brights.

If you have a Gift Guide for Him or Her, leave a link below! I would love to have a look and maybe get some inspiration!

Happy Holidays!


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