Reunited with Michael Todd True Organics

IMG_7352Michael Todd True Organics is a brand I discovered a couple years ago through the blogging world and I have since become a huge fan of this cruelty-free, organic skincare brand. All their products are free of parabens, triclosan, phthalates, sulfates, mineral oil, artificial colour, synthetic fragrance and have NO added water. I have not used their products in a little while and decided it was time to make another order and reunite with this brand.

The one thing I love about Michael Todd is that they always have promo codes for their customers and/or gift with purchase. I received 25% off my order of the scrub, toner and lotion, received free shipping and also received the face mask and facial wipes (both full size) for free. Talk about score.


Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub

This is easily my favourite product I have tried by them. This scrub is extremely effective and is a great option for acne-prone skin, as it is non-irritating. It unclogs pores and removes impurities thanks to activated charcoal and uses jojoba wax beads to stimulate and re-texturize the skin, yielding a smoother complexion. It also contains tea tree oil and aloe vera which both help soothe and heal the skin. When I used this product in the past it smoothed out my complexion significantly and I am so happy to have it back in my life. The only thing negative was the smell, but they changed the scent of this and it is now much more pleasant.

Michael Todd Blue Green Algae Toner

My skin hasn’t been the happiest and I remember when I was using this product last year my skin cleared up a lot. It helps detoxify, clarify and rebalance your skin thanks to kelp (draws out toxins), blue green algae (rich in among acids and fatty acids), black willow extract (unclogs pores and neutralizes bacteria), hyaluronic acid (locks in moisture) and aloe vera (anti-inflammatory). I’m really guilty of touching my face—which is a horrible habit—as it causes the spread of bacteria, which leads to the spread of breakouts. However, this stuff seriously helps that situation. I am slightly confused though as to why they repackaged it, as they added a pump and the pump on mine sprays out so intense, causing the product to go everywhere which is REALLY annoying. There was nothing wrong with the old packaging Michael Todd!

Michael Todd Moisture Lite Lotion

This lotion is excellent for anyone that wants a moisturizer that is light, but still offers enough hydration for the skin. I like thick moisturizers for the evening, but during the day a light moisturizer is perfect for my oily/combination skin. This stuff absorbs quickly into the skin and leaves you with a smooth, hydrated base before you apply your makeup. It contains hyaluronic acid which keeps your skin plump and hydrated, while willow bark extract unclogs pores, kills bacteria and helps regulate oil production. This stuff also knocks a punch in the anti-inflammatory category with both horse chestnut and aloe vera. If you have dry skin this lotion might not be enough for you, but normal, combo and oily skin will all benefit from this.

Michael Todd Pumpkin Nutrient-Rich Facial Mask

Since it’s fall and we’re all obsessed with pumpkin everything, how about a little pumpkin mask action? I usually don’t like pumpkin scents, as I find they smell too artificial, but this stuff smells like straight up pumpkin making it good enough to eat in my opinion. This vitamin rich mask helps remove dead skin cells leaving you with a healthier glow, which I definitely need during this time of the year. Pumpkin offers a ton of healing properties while 5% glycolic acid helps brighten and improve cell turnover. Sugar cane and maple sugar extract helps stimulate the cellular turnover and also loosens the dead skin cells. Like the previous products, this mask also contains aloe vera. I prefer thicker masks—which this is not—however, I love how my skin feels like it can breathe better after using this mask.

Michael Todd Skin Loving Facial Wipes

Lastly, some super gentle, alcohol-free facial wipes made from 100% organic cotton. These wipes cleanse, tone and moisturize in one simple step and easily remove makeup. These wipes contain natural cucumber (calming), chamomile extract (anti-inflammatory), marigold extract (anti-inflammatory that fights free radicals) and—you guessed it—aloe vera. I do really enjoy these facial wipes, however, I don’t think they surpass my Yes to Coconut Cleansing Wipes, especially since I don’t have to order the Yes to ones online.

Have you tried Michael Todd True Organics before? What are your favourite products by them?


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