Setting Myself 25 Goals

IMG_7427I’m not really one for New Year’s Resolutions other than hoping for a great year. Since my birthday is at the end of September, it seems to always be the month when I reflect back and contemplate things I want to achieve within the year. So, since I turned 25 last week, I decided to brainstorm 25 things I wanted to achieve a year from now and share them here. Some on this list are more personal than others, but I believe these are all goals I can achieve within a year from now. 

  1. Give myself more credit, where credit is due
  2. Apply for a study abroad program
  3. Go back to New York City
  4. Start drawing and painting again
  5. Keep a journal
  6. Turn negatives into positives
  7. Pass all my courses
  8. Start practicing German again
  9. Get another tattoo
  10. Donate blood again (before I get my next tattoo)
  11. Donate to my local animal shelter
  12. Stop leaving things to the last second
  13. Meditate regularly
  14. Master the headstand in yoga
  15. Get a new job
  16. Reconnect with old friends
  17. Go vegan for (at least) a month
  18. Go on a juice cleanse
  19. Purge my closet
  20. Get new glasses
  21. Wear heels more
  22. Learn a family recipe
  23. Go on a road trip
  24. Let go of things that are out of my control
  25. Fall in love with as many things as possible

I know I’ll come back to this post constantly throughout the next year to remember each goal I set out for myself and slowly cross each one off on this list.

What kind of goals have you set out for yourself?



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