Sunday Stuff | Volume 1

IMG_6994The last week and a bit has been quite busy for me and needless to say I am in desperate need of a little TLC. After working 6 days in a row, I was lucky enough to have a few days off which involved sushi, a bit of shopping, the beach, a food festival and a show. I had to work this morning, but now that I am off for the rest of the day, I decided to start it off with a little pampering to help me relax and refresh. 

Here’s my first instalment of ‘Sunday Stuff’ for today: 

Live Clean Spa Therapy Soothing Dead Sea Salts 

I went to a Power Yoga class Thursday evening and 3 days later, I am still extremely sore. I hadn’t been to a Power Yoga class in awhile and my body definitely was pushed past its limits—my arms still feel like jello. I’m not much of a bath person during the summertime, but today a bath was definitely in order to soak my sore, tired muscles. This blend of Epsom and Dead Sea salts helps soothe and relax your body. It contains certified organic extracts of green tea and aloe vera which fights free radicals and leaves your skin feeling soft. It also has essential oils of eucalyptus, lavender, lemon and ginger and—like all Live Clean products—this stuff is not tested on animals and contains no nasty ingredients. The one thing I will say is that the lemon in it is a little too strong, to the point where it almost smells like cleaner and it overpowers the other soothing scents in this, otherwise, great product. 

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Body Butter 

Out of the bath I slathered myself in this body butter, as not only does it smell incredible (the argan oil line is definitely in my top 3 favourite Body Shop scents), but it also leaves my skin so smooth and soft. I love the consistency of the body butters and how silky and buttery this one feels when applied on the skin. Thanks to Community Fair Trade Wild Argan Oil from Morocco, my skin is never dry after using this and I also like that it sinks into the skin fairly quickly. It really feels like an expensive, indulgent cream—even though I paid only $12 for it when they had their 40% off promotion awhile back. I especially love how long the scent lingers on my body, as it is one of those scents that the more I smell it the more I fall in love with it—it really just smells that fantastic. 

Weleda Skin Food Cream 

My hands have been so dry lately, so I have been trying to get in the habit of applying an intense cream everyday, like this one by Weleda. The key ingredients in this cream is pansy extract (heals various skin conditions), sunflower seed oil (rich in fatty acids and vitamin E and helps soothe and calm the skin) and rosemary leaf oil (contains healing properties and stimulates the circulation and the metabolism). It also has organic calendula which helps restore the moisture in the skin. I especially love the way it helps with the circulation in my hands, as my joints get really stiff and especially when my hands are dry it feels really tight and uncomfortable. I get a slight tingling feeling throughout my hands when I apply this and it really seems to help get the blood circulating there, while deeply moisturizing the skin. 

I usually repaint or touch up my nail polish on Sundays, as I’m usually not rushed and have the time to do it. If you saw my last blogpost, then you know I have been slightly obsessed with the Essie Nail Polish ‘Peach Side Babe’, so of course that’s what I have had on my nails this past week. I just touched up a couple nails I started picking at (horrible habit), but otherwise the polish is still going strong. On my toes I have been wearing SinfulColors Nail Polish in ‘Thimbleberry’ a lot as it dries so fast and I love the orangey-red shade for the summer—a change to the usual deep reds and pinks that I typically wear. I oddly find that the SinfulColors nail polishes chip really fast on my hands, but are pretty long wearing on my toes, as long as I apply a good top coat. 

Any specific products you guys are reaching for today? Let me know! 

Happy Sunday lovelies!


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