Ipsy Glam Bag | July 2015

IMG_6791I feel like I start off most of my glam bag posts talking about how fast the month has gone—but seriously—we are over halfway through July and I don’t understand how. There’s less than a week until WayHome and less than 2 months until school starts. I gotta get my butt in gear and check off some more things on my summer 2015 bucket list. Anyways, while I stress about something as inevitable as the passing of time, my ipsy Glam Bag is always a good distraction.IMG_6795IMG_6802If you missed my June Glam Bag post you can check it out here. Just a quick rundown of how it works: ipsy is a monthly subscription where they send you five items which can be anything from makeup and skincare to bath and body. The products change each month to reflect that month’s theme. The Glam bag costs $10 a month (plus $4.95 to ship to Canada) and you can cancel your subscription at any time. When you sign up you take their beauty quiz, which allows them to know your complexion, eye colour, hair, etc and brands and products you like, so they can tailor each product to you. You can also earn ipsyPoints to redeem for extra products.

To be honest, I am not a massive fan of the makeup bag for this month. Though I like the colours and pattern, the bag already looks worn…like it could be an ipsy Glam Bag from last year. Ah, well. The theme this month is ‘Summer Lovin’ which really needs no explanation. Even the quote on the back of the ipsy card says, ‘welcome back summer, we’ve missed you’. Aka summer is here and we’re happy—thanks vitamin D!IMG_6805


iPhone picture, apologies!

So, onto the products I got this month:

Eva NYC Freshen Up Dry Shampoo

I don’t know what I would do without dry shampoo, as it’s a staple hair product for me. I’m always down to try new dry shampoos and I was excited to try another product by Eva NYC. One thing I am noticing is that Eva NYC products smell amazing. Seriously, I know hair is their thing, but they should seriously consider bringing out fragrances. Anyways, unlike a lot of dry shampoos that leave an unattractive white residue, this one is clear, so it’s especially perfect for people with darker hair. It also does not make my scalp itchy like other dry shampoos. It is aluminum-free and contains vitamin C (giving it a clean, fresh scent), as well as omegas. Mainly, I like that it does the job of absorbing any excess oil and freshens up my hair without weighing it down or making it feel gritty. This dry shampoo retails for $10.00 for 1 oz and $24.00 for 5.3 oz.

City Color Cosmetics HD Powder

As dry shampoo is an essential product for me when it comes to hair, so too is powder when it comes to makeup. I first became acquainted with this brand when I received one of their lip products in my February Glam Bag. The lip product was good, but nothing special, and honestly I haven’t really reached for it since. This powder is also good, but again, nothing special and I’m starting to come to the conclusion that City Color Cosmetics is just a ‘good, but nothing special’ brand for me. This product is 100% silica powder, finely milled and is translucent, so it works with all skin tones. It mattifies the skin, controls shine and helps give your skin an airbrush look. I wouldn’t go as far as to say my skin looked airbrushed, but it is a good setting powder. Personally, I prefer pressed powders for the convenience, plus they are less messy. This powder is $5.99 for the full-size and City Color Cosmetics is a cruelty-free brand.

If you have a City Color Cosmetics product that you love, please let me know!

Nicka K New York HQ Quad Eyeshadow in ‘Sierra’

I was so surprised to get a full-size eye shadow quad in my Glam Bag—and in 4 gorgeous shades that I will actually all wear! I am unfamiliar with this brand, but their shadows are very pigmented and blend really well. The shimmer in these shadows is very fine making them easy to wear. I would definitely say this eye shadow quad is comparable to my more expensive eye shadows, in regards to pigmentation and the way they wear. The first three shades actually remind me of my Stila Eyeshadow Trio in ‘Warm’ (specifically the top right shade is an exact dupe for ‘Sorbet’). Unfortunately, you can’t buy the Stila Trio anymore, but if you are curious, you can see it in this blog post from last year. This eyeshadow quad retails for only $4.99 and comes in 12 different colour combos.

Jersey Shore Cosmetics Mongongo Vanilla Coconut Cream Lip Conditioner

I am so happy I got this all natural, cruelty-free, non-GMO lip balm. It is certified organic and only contains 9 ingredients—sunflower oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, vanilla, mongongo oil, coconut, vitamin E, rosemary extract and calendula extract. It smells like cake and is so creamy in texture and feels amazing on my lips. My lips feel so soft after using this and It is a permanent product in my handbag at the moment. I had never heard of mongongo oil, but a little research informs me it is from the mongongo tree which grows in Southern Africa. Considered by some a nut and others a fruit, this nutrient dense oil is reconstructing and regenerative, offers protection from UV and environmental pollutants, reduces inflammation and redness and repairs cells. At $10.00, this isn’t the cheapest lip balm, but it seriously is amazing and I definitely want to try more products by this brand.

Teeez Cosmetics Read my Lips Lipstick in ‘Killing Me Softly’

Okay, I am head over heels for the unique packaging of this product. I love the slim, white tube that houses this lip product with the badass watercolour skull image on it and I adore this matte coral shade. This lipstick has a great creamy texture, is highly pigmented and is hydrating thanks to coconut oil. It also claims to be long-lasting with up to 8 hours of wear (which I haven’t put to the test as of yet). I find for me this applies best with either a lip brush or applying a little to the centre of my lips and blending it out with my finger. Though I’m in love with the packaging, the product feels loose inside it, like it’s not secure. I’m a little worried it’ll break off at some point. I’m hoping maybe I just got a wonky one, as at $22.00 this isn’t exactly an inexpensive lip product.

Do you have a review of your July Glam Bag? Leave a link below!




  1. You and I got completely different things this month! 3 of the 5 things I’ve gotten so far have been duds! But, I’ve been getting Glam Bags for a year and this is the first month that this has happened, so I think that’s a pretty good record! Love the post!


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