Some New Things from The Body Shop


IMG_6657Well, these aren’t NEW things at The Body Shop, but they are new products for me. I had been itching to pick up some new things from TBS and patiently waited until they had their 40% off promotion online. One of my favourite things about The Body Shop is the promotions and deals they always have in-store and online which keeps me both a loyal and happy customer.

What I grabbed:

Wild Argan Oil Bubbling Bath$12.00 $7.20

The last few times they had their 40% off promotion, the Wild Argan Oil line was not included in the deal, which was always a bummer, as it’s one of my favourite scents. Lo and behold, it was included this time, so I definitely took advantage and picked up a few things from the line.

First being the bubble bath which I have wanted for awhile. I’ve used the Honeymania Bubble Bath Melt and was a huge fan as it bubbles up really well and most importantly it does not irritate my sensitive skin. The Argan Oil line is enriched with organic Community Fair Trade organ oil from Morocco and this bubble bath claims to leave your skin feeling smoother and softer. We shall see!

Wild Argan Oil Body Butter$20.00 $12.00

Despite their body butters being a cult favourite, I don’t typically buy them, but the Wild Argan Oil line smells so incredible I just couldn’t resist. I want to literally slather this scent from head to toe and now I can. As always, the body butters have a creamy, buttery texture and always leave my skin feeling soft and smooth. I also don’t like wearing heavy perfume in the Summer, so an amazing smelling body butter like this one does the job without being too offensive.

Wild Argan Oil Hand Cream $10.00 $6.00

I am very picky with hand creams, as I have super sensitive hands (thanks Dad) and a lot of hand creams end up irritating my skin, leaving them raw and itchy. The Body Shop hand creams that I have tried do not do that and instead leave my hands soft and hydrated. They are non-greasy and also sink into the skin fairly quickly. My favourite is the Hemp Hand Protector and the Almond Hand & Nail Cream, but I decided to get this travel sized one to keep in my purse.

Tea Tree Body Wash$13.00 $7.80

I have mentioned a few times on my blog that I am a huge fan of The Body Shop shower gels. You only need a small amount to get them to lather up extremely well and they are soap-free (doesn’t strip the skin). I bought this antibacterial shower gel to specifically use after I workout, but I’ll also probably use it more on a daily basis during the Summer months. I’m lucky that I don’t get acne on my chest or back, but I’m still human and I sweat at the gym and in the sweltering heat and this seems like the perfect product to help combat/prevent any pesky spots.

Tea Tree Flawless BB Cream$15.00 $9.00

I think this is the product I was most excited to try. I love BB creams for the Summer and wanted a more affordable one to try. Formulated with Community Fair Trade tea tree oil from Kenya, I decided to give this BB cream a go to help combat spots and help purify my blemish-prone skin. This stuff feels really cooling on the skin when first applied and is the perfect lightweight formula. It blends evenly into the skin and stayed in place all day long and kept my skin shine-free. It has that strong tea tree oil smell when you first apply it, but the smell doesn’t linger all day long. Overall, I’m a fan of this stuff.

Lightening Touch$16.00 $9.60

The lovely Becky from TalkBeckyTalk made me inclined to try out this concealer/highlighter hybrid, after she raved about it in this video and made the bold statement that it was one of her favourite highlighters she had ever tried. Along with highlighting, this lightweight product will also conceal dark circles and fine lines, leaving you with brighter looking skin. This seems perfect for my under eye area and I’m excited to give this a proper go.

Extra Virgins Mineral Powder Foundation$10.00 $6.00

My skin tends to do well with mineral makeup, so I decided to try this loose powder foundation. It is suitable for sensitive skin and offers build able coverage and claims to give the skin a radiant finish and conceal any imperfections and fine lines. I like light makeup for the Summer and I am all for a powder option over a liquid for the warmer weather to even out my skin tone and blur imperfections.

Detangling Comb$7.00 $4.20

Though I love my Tangle Teezer, I am trying to get into the habit of using wooden brushes and combs. I already have a wooden hairbrush and decided to add this detangling comb to the gang for after I wash my hair. If you’re not aware, wooden brushes and combs are ideal to use as they do not strip the hair of its natural oils like plastic or metal. Instead it evenly distributes the hairs natural oils, meaning brushing alone is conditioning the hair. This comb is made from birch wood trees that are grown in FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forests—and if you’re interested, this comb is now currently on sale for $2.00!

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts on them?


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  1. Liz says:

    Wow niceee just used up my argan oil body butter i love ittt


    1. ellerow says:

      The addiction is real haha! xo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Apoorva says:

    I love that hand cream, lovely post!


    1. ellerow says:

      Thank you! The hand cream is so good! xo

      Liked by 1 person

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