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pinterestcollage2I have been using Pinterest for quite awhile as a source for inspiration and creativity for everything, from DIY and fashion, to food and travel. I have tried quite a few recipes and DIYs—some hits and some misses—but as I pin more and more things whilst I’m at work (shh don’t tell my manager) the list of things I want to try stretch greater and greater.

Thus, I have rounded up my top 10 things I discovered on Pinterest that I want to try this Summer. This is to act not only as a reminder for myself of things I want to try (I tend to go on a hiatus from Pinterest every so often), but maybe also to stir up some creativity in any of you reading this. Enjoy!


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1. Graduation Cupcakes

How adorable are these? I love things like this that are so simple, yet so creative. This is the latest thing I have stumbled upon on Pinterest and I instantly knew I had to make these. My sister’s graduation is mid-June aka I have an excuse reason to make them. I’m going to do a chocolate cupcake with a peanut butter frosting and top the mini peanut butter cups and squares of chocolate (aka the graduation caps) with purple fondant for the tassels and also line the cupcakes with purple baking cups (my sister’s school colour).

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2. Watermelon Cupcakes

Another simple, yet creative, recipe which I love (and another cupcake recipe because I am a cupcake fiend). These are so Summer appropriate and would be perfect for a BBQ or a birthday (adult or child, there’s no specific age for these in my opinion). The hardest part would be getting the cake and icing the perfect colours, but otherwise you can’t go wrong with a good ol’ classic vanilla cupcake with chocolate chips and a buttercream frosting.

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3. Watermelon ‘Cake’

Firstly, if you have never had watermelon and whipped cream, you need to try it. The two are a match made in heaven. I had a mind blown moment when I first found out you could cut a watermelon to act as a base of a cake (again, keeping with the simple, yet creative recipes). This one uses coconut whipped cream, but to be honest I’ll probably take the convenient, chemical route and just use Cool Whip (there’s actually a brand that does do a dairy-free one though). I particularly love this one as I love the idea of coating the sides with slivered almonds and topping it with fresh berries.

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4. Homemade Vegan Ice Cream

I LOVE ice cream, but it makes me really sick and vegan ice cream is pretty expensive. However, Summer means an increase in ice cream consumption, vegan or not vegan (preferably vegan though). Thanks to Come Dine With Me, I have been given the confidence to make my own after watching numerous contestants successfully make it themselves. I’ll probably test the waters first with some basic flavours, but I definitely want to try some of the flavours in the list here (the image above is coconut ice cream).


Image source found here

5. Light Bulb Terrariums

Succulents and terrariums are pretty popular right now, in regards to home décor, and I’m all for plant life that I can’t easily kill. These light bulb terrariums are such a unique and inexpensive way to house your plants. The downside to this DIY is that there’s not enough air circulation to allow these air plants to breathe, plus it would be difficult to mist them. I am still going to give these a go, but if they’re too difficult to maintain then I will probably give these Light Bulb Aquariums a go.

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6. Animal Topped Mason Jars

I have wanted to make these animal topped mason jars for ages. I have been needing a cute way to store some of my nail polishes (they’re kind of all just strewn across my desk at the moment) and these would be perfect. All you need? Some mason jars, spray paint, a glue gun and a bag of animal toys which you can find at the Dollar Store. I’ll probably do white, but I think gold would be really nice too.

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7. Paper Geo Decorations

In the link above, you can get a free printable for these geo decorations, I have a ton of card stock, so I figured I would give these a go. I’d love to hang these in my room, either along my bed or from the ceiling. A tip for precision is to take an x-acto knife and a ruler and gently score along the lines that you are folding (a tip from my Graphic Design days).

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8. Dreamcatcher Headband

I saw this on Pinterest last summer and thought it would be so cute for a festival and a bit different amidst the floral crowns. However, I was lazy and never did it. I’m determined to make it this summer and try to rock it. This one is actually one that you can buy off Etsy, but it would be so easy to do yourself, moreso because our Dollarama sells dreamcatcher kits. If it turns out and I’m feeling extra adventurous I’d like to make a smaller one and turn it into a long necklace.

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9. Hex Nut Bracelet

In the Summer, I love layering different, mismatched bracelets. These hex nut bracelets look surprisingly chic on and are also very easy to make. More specifically though, I have coins and vintage brass buttons I have been wanting to make into bracelets, but these hex nut bracelets are definitely now also on my list!

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10. Cat Tent

Lastly, (because this would probably be the last thing on this list I would attempt) is a cat tent made out of a large t-shirt, a wire coat hanger and cardboard. Like most cats, my cats get really excited when there’s a cardboard box available for them to sit in or crawl into. They’re currently really attached to one we have from a recent grocery shop that is currently in our hallway—however—it’s not too aesthetically pleasing. This cat tent seems pretty easy to make (though I am a little intimidated) and I know both our cats would love this.

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Hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend!


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