10 Products That Should Not Have Been Discontinued


discontinued_productsIf there is one thing I have learned throughout the years, it is not to get too attached to products (especially if they are by The Body Shop). It seems anything I love, that becomes a holy grail product, eventually gets discontinued. And if the product is not discontinued, then the place I usually purchase it from suddenly stops carrying it. Such examples include: Walmart, which no longer carries my favourite body scrub and Sephora, which only sells my perfume online now. Heck, I had fallen in love with Sonia Kashuk and Pixi by Petra, which you can only get at Target. I guess the beauty gods realized since I liked both of these brands as a whole, the only way to take them away from me was to get rid of Target Canada entirely.

Anyways, I figured this would make for an interesting post and a way to remember some of my favourite products throughout the years that died. Gone, but not forgotten.

In no particular order:

1. The Body Shop Shower Gel in ‘Almond’

This is the most recent product that has been taken away from me. I am a massive fan of The Body Shop shower gels, but this scent in particular was—hands down—my favourite. I love anything almond scented and this was absolutely perfect; a delicious, nutty and sweet scent without being overpowering or artificial smelling. Mostly, what I liked about this one in particular is I didn’t get sick of the smell like I do with most of the other scents.

2. The Body Shop Neroli Jasmin Eau de Toilette

This was my signature scent for years. Like the almond shower gel, this is a scent I never tired of and the more I smelt it the more I loved it. I even kept the empty bottle of this for awhile after it was discontinued, as I didn’t want to forget the scent. They have since released ‘Indian Night Jasmine’ which is part of their ‘Scents of the World Collection’ and okay, it smells nice, but NOWHERE near as good as ‘Neroli Jasmin’. I compared the notes between the two and it seems they dropped the vanilla (why) and swapped the neroli for orange blossom, which makes the perfume more floral scented, whereas the neroli was much more aromatic, which I personally preferred. Why change a good thing?

3. The Body Shop Tea Tree Blotting Tissues

To this day I do not understand why The Body Shop discontinued their blotting tissues, as they offer nothing as an alternative to these. I swear by blotting tissues as my skin gets very oily throughout the day and I don’t want to be continually applying more powder. These were fabulous as they absorbed any excess oil without messing up my makeup and left my skin looking matte. I have since been using the Boscia Blotting Linens, which are good and I like the large size of the sheets, but they are not as durable as The Body Shop ones and they are also more expensive.

4. The Body Shop Perfume Oil in ‘Vanilla’

The last Body Shop product that should not have been discontinued is their Vanilla Perfume Oil. Like almond, I enjoy anything vanilla scented and this stuff was straight up true vanilla. Like ‘Neroli Jasmin’, they reformulated this product and released ‘Madagascar Vanilla’. I don’t mind products that have other notes along with vanilla, but this one just does not do it for me. It is way too floral for my liking. Thankfully, they still make the Vanilla Eau de Toilette, but I probably just jinxed that.

5. Sephora Arch it Brow Kit

Moving away from The Body Shop, I snatched up this kit when it was on clearance a couple years ago aka when it was being discontinued. I think the set as a whole is great, especially for someone that is just getting into brows. However, it is the brow powder duo I specifically want back. The one was your typical brow powder and the other had a more gel/cream consistency. Together these two were an unstoppable duo and I still think my brows looked their best when I used this product. It also lasted me ages—a little went a long way with this stuff and once applied it did not budge.

6. Maybelline Mineral Power Finishing Veil Pressed Powder

Going back to my high school days, I remember I was so excited when this line came out. My skin seems to respond well to mineral makeup and as a blemish prone teen this powder did not break me out. It also concealed any blemishes which left me thrilled. Since then the foundation, concealer and pressed powder have all been discontinued, but they randomly still make the loose powder.

7. Bioré Gentle Makeup Removing Wipes with Green Tea

Again, another high school product that was a holy grail for me. These wipes helped my blemish prone skin so much and I remember being so happy with them and writing to Bioré telling them how thankful I was to find these. Then Bioré repackaged all their products and I am not sure if they reformulated the face wipes, but they were just not as good as before. By then Simple had come to Canada and I switched to their wipes and since then I’ve switched to an actual skincare routine.

8. Sunsilk Waves of Envy Sea Mist

The only hair product I used the Summer of 2008. Back then this was the first time I had seen a sea salt spray available at my local drugstore and it was also extremely affordable. It definitely dried my hair out as I used it excessively, but I was so pleased with the waves I was able to achieve with this stuff, as my hair was naturally straight (it is wavier now). This stuff also smelt amazing. Sunsilk is pretty hard to find now, but I checked and this product has been discontinued.

9. John Frieda Full Repair Flyaway Tamer

I tried this product on a whim when it was on sale and it was love at first use. This product smoothed down all my baby/broken hairs and kept them in place all day. It was amazing as it didn’t leave my hair hard and crispy like when I used hairspray to smooth any flyaways down. It was also great for taking on the go. I got so many people onto this product and then last summer it was getting harder and harder to find, until it became obsolete. I wrote to John Frieda who confirmed that this product had been discontinued and I still have not forgiven them for this.

10. True Blue Spa De-Puffing Eye Gel

This is a product I had totally forgotten about until I was making this list. Again, I tried this on a whim when it was on sale at Bath & Body Works and it, again, was love at first use. I have struggled with puffy, irritated eyes since forever and this stuff seriously made a huge difference. I kept it in the fridge and applied it each morning and it instantly reduced any puffiness and felt so refreshing around my eye area. It was non-irritating and even after a late night this stuff made me look like I was well rested. I have tried quite a few de-puffing eye gels since they discontinued this one and they don’t even come close in comparison.

Any products you were sad to see discontinued? Let me know so we can mourn together.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. What a great post idea!!! And I didn’t realize they discontinued the Almond shower gel. So sad!


    1. ellerow says:

      Thank you! xo And I contacted The Body Shop about it today just to be sure, as it’s no longer online and I can’t find it in store. 😦


  2. Rissa Janeen says:

    What is it with the Body Shop discontinuing things? I used the Love Etc. perfume for a long time and it was one of my favorites until it just suddenly vanished…


    1. ellerow says:

      Right?! I have such a love/hate relationship with The Body Shop because they seem to always discontinue my favourite products 😦


  3. im still in mourning for lush’s I Should Coco Soap and Stella McCartney’s in two peony


  4. Kimberly Loomis says:

    The entire John Frieda full repair and strengthen line. The BEST conditioner out there! I have found it on a UK site, but delivery takes forever, so stock up!


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