Everyday Bag Essentials


I have found it incredibly helpful to have a bag which contains all my essentials for whether I’m in the city all day for school, headed to work, going straight from school to work, working out after class, etc etc. Having one bag which contains everything you could possibly need for any of these situations makes life a heck of a lot easier, especially when you are constantly switching from backpacks to totes to purses like myself. This may seem a bit excessive to always have on me and mind you, there are many days where I don’t touch anything in here (except for the absolute essentials, which I’ll mention in a bit). However, it is super convenient to have, keeps you organized and prepared for anything and it also extremely helpful when you are heading out in the evening and are just taking a small purse and only need few things out of your everyday bag. I can’t count how many times I’ve dug through all of my bags searching for my pressed powder or blotting tissues, when I’m rushing out the door in the evening. It is just so much easier knowing everything is comfortably inside this bag. I’ve decided to share what I’ve personally found most helpful to have on me.


1. Cleansing wipes – I mentioned in this post how important cleansing wipes are for me to have on hand. If you are like me and hate showering at the gym, these are also great to use to freshen up with and to prevent breakouts until you are able to get home and shower.

2. Hairbrush – This one from Sephora is so convenient as it folds up, taking up no more space than a compact, and you won’t get hair everywhere.

3. Hair tie

4. Bobby pins

5. ** Hyrule Shield (jokes, these are just mints in the coolest case ever)

6. Hand cream

7. Mini nail file – Not that I break my nails on a daily basis, but that one day you do break a nail it is the most annoying thing ever. So, I now always keep one on me just in case.

8. Lactose pills

9. Nude eyeliner *

10. Brown eyeliner *

11. Mini mascara *

* These 3 are personally necessary for myself, as I have mentioned in countless posts, I have really sensitive eyes. A lot of days I will go to school or work without any eye makeup on, but if I’m heading out after school or work then I’ll want to apply a little eye makeup. Or if there are days I want to wear eye makeup to school or work, but am running late, I always know I have these 3 items on me. I opt for a brown eyeliner over black as it is also great if I need to touch up my brows. The nude eyeliner is great for brightening up my tired, red eyes and I also found it makes a decent makeshift concealer if needed.

12. Perfume sample – They take up absolutely no space in your bag and are a great way to try out new fragrances

13. Mini deodorant – This is mostly for pre/post workouts, but I am also testing out natural deodorants (future blog posts), so this is also great to have if one is just not doing its job.

14. Pressed powder – If not for touchups throughout the day, then I at least use the mirror in here.

15. ** Kleenex

16. Blotting tissues – A must for someone with oily skin like myself.

17. ** Hand sanitizer

18. ** Lip balm – My lips are always dry and I have been loving this super moisturizing lip balm by Badger. It’s organic, natural, cruelty-free and feels like butter on your lips.

** As I mentioned at the beginning, some of these items are my absolute essentials, meaning I reach for these on a daily basis. Though they do all fit in my bag among the rest, I usually keep these in a pocket in my backpack/purse for easy access.

And just for proof that these do all fit in this bag:IMG_4980

This bag is from Chapters & Indigo and it is the perfect size to carry all your essentials and the material is super soft, opposed to stiff, meaning you can comfortably fit everything inside. This one is their large size and—unfortunately—is sold out, but they always have cute colours and designs if you want to check them out here.

I hope you were able to find this post a little helpful!

What are your everyday bag essentials?


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