DIY Mason Jar Gifts

IMG_4837Christmas is my favourite holiday, but it can definitely get expensive and stressful. I love buying gifts for people, but as a student it can add up fast. These mason jars are an inexpensive, creative way to give someone something thoughtful without breaking the bank. If you still need a gift for someone, then I hope you find this post helpful!


Mason jars have become super trendy in the last year, but I think they’re a great way to give a gift, as the mason jar can be reused making it more economical than paper and tissue. Even the candy mason jars where the materials are glued down can be taken apart and reused for something else (I think they are too cute though and will be saving them to refill again next Christmas). For these you can use whatever materials you want or what you already have lying around the house.

Some tools you will need though:

  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • xacto knife (for the card stock—optional—but yields cleaner lines)
  • hole punch (if you decide to make your own gift tags)
  • ruler
  • pen or pencil


Materials I used for the candy mason jars:

  • red felt – Snowman’s scarf
  • black felt – Santa’s belt
  • white felt – Santa’s beard
  • black buttons – Snowman
  • red pom pom – Rudolph’s nose
  • dark brown card stock – Rudolph’s antlers
  • white card stock – Santa’s belt buckle (I didn’t have grey, so I just coloured it in with a grey marker)
  • Red and white string (I got mine from Target)

I got the candy mason jar ideas off Pinterest and I think they turned out adorable! I also added a white bell to my Rudolph jar and a white snowflake to the Snowman. Just make sure you wash your mason jars before you start since you are putting candy inside. Once you’re happy with your Christmas-themed mason jars fill em up with the appropriate coloured candy and they are good to go!


I made these mason jars for some of my girlfriends and not only did they end up being really affordable, but I also adore how these turned out. Again, you can fill these with whatever you want for your friends. Mine contain hand cream and a lip butter from The Body Shop, a mini Essie nail polish (if you’re wondering what shades those are they are from L to R: A List, Style Cartel and Take it Outside) and chocolate. I think The Body Shop is one of the best stores (all year), but specifically for Christmas shopping when you are buying for multiple people. They always have great deals on like buy 3 get 3, 40% off or specific deals like the lip butters I grabbed were 3 for $12.

I lined the bottom of each mason jar with raffia which I cut up, then placed all the items inside. I then strung the gift tags (I made mine, but of course you can buy them already made) through twine that I had measured out, tied it into a bow and added a bell to each one (I got the bells from Michael’s). Screw the lid back on and there you go; cute, affordable mason jar gifts for your girlfriends!

These were honestly so much fun to make! Santa, Rudolph and Frosty are on display in my kitchen and I can’t wait to give the other 3 to my girls. I’m now off to finish my Christmas baking! Merry Christmas to all you beautiful humans!


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