Review | The Body Shop Vanilla Brûlée Bath Jelly


I don’t like giving negative reviews, especially when it is a product by a brand that I do really love. I had such high hopes for the Vanilla Brûlée Bath Jelly from The Body Shop, but alas, I was so disappointed by it.

First, let’s cover what I did like about this product and the main reason I purchased it—the scent. The Body Shop seems to know how to do vanilla right and this new seasonal scent was incredible. Vanilla is one of my favourite scents and this one smelt exactly like vanilla pudding—not artificial or anything, but vanilla that smelt good enough to eat. I had never seen bath jellies before at The Body Shop and the idea of being submerged in a bubble bath that smelt like dessert was too good to pass up.



The product has a custard-like texture. Kinda weird, but interesting. I ran a generous amount under running water and it bubbled up well, but no vanilla brûlée scent whatsoever. Nothing. Like not even the faintest scent of vanilla. I tried it again another night thinking I needed to add more to the bath, but still nothing. So disappointing! My disappointment further increased after the bubbles dissolved after barely any time.

Sorry The Body Shop, but this product was a dud for me. I had such high hopes and was incredibly disappointed. Like I mentioned, the scent is incredible, so if you are a vanilla fan, like myself, I would still highly recommend other products in this seasonal line—like the hand cream or shower gel—which seems to deliver better.

The bath jelly retails for $12.00 for 200ml. Luckily, The Body Shop always has wicked deals so I got it for 40% off. However, this will (sadly) not be a repurchase.


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