London (Ontario) Calling


Amidst papers and endless readings for school, this past weekend I got away from it all (somewhat) and escaped to London to see my sister. She had gotten me tickets to see Mother Mother for my birthday and we opted for the London show over the Toronto one, so I had an excuse to go to London.

Friday before the show we headed out for dinner at Garlic’s. Garlic’s has been around for over twenty years and their experience definitely is reflected in their high-quality food. Their menu changes monthly to reflect that season and they opt for local, seasonal ingredients and sustainable, organic products from Canada.


Absolutely starved, we inhaled a basket of bread and oil, before devouring our appetizer which was the Roasted Garlic Bulb and Buffalo Mozzarella plate ($14). It was served with crispy crostini topped with fried rosemary (amazing) and the most massive garlic bulbs. Topped with either of the local cheeses, a sundried tomato (?) goat cheese and Buffalo mozzarella, it hit all the tastebuds.

Looking at this picture now, I do not know why that one slice sticks out farther than the rest. Like, that doesn’t even make sense compared to the rest of the pizza and now this is really bothering me.

I went with the Margherita Pizza ($16) because I am a sucker for pizza. This one did not disappoint as they were not stingy with the basil (though I prefer whole basil opposed to shredded – do you even care?) and it was drizzled with a balsamic reduction which offers a tangy sweet taste which pairs exceptionally well with a savoury pizza.


Erin got their Cast Iron Skillet Mac & Cheese ($18) which was a creamy concoction topped with crispy parmesan and garlic bread crumbs. However, the best dish was definitely Lily’s which was the Gorgonzola & Ricotta Gnocchi ($20). The sauce tasted like the crispy cheese you get on top of baked dishes and it was freakin’ amazing. I would definitely go back for the gnocchi (if it’s still there and not just a seasonal dish).

Anyways, I’m going to stop trying to be a food critic here.


USS opened for Mother Mother and to be honest I don’t really listen to them, so the only songs I knew were ‘Hollowpoint Sniper Hyperbole’ and ‘This is the Best’. However, they put on a good show and were so full of energy. At one point, Jason did a headstand whilst still djing with one hand. I still can’t quite grasp how he did that.



Mother Mother was incredible live. They had a bit of sound trouble with the bass at the beginning, but it didn’t affect the show whatsoever. What can I say? They sounded amazing, they looked amazing—it was all around just a fantastic show. Jasmin covered Lana Del Rey’s ‘Video Games’ which was awesome and it was also great to finally hear ‘Hayloft’ live.

I also had a perfect view of the slow deterioration of a dad/stepdad/mom’s new boyfriend, shitty beer after shitty beer (it was an all age event, so there was—surprisingly—a handful of kids).



Is there anything more glorious than a wall of tea?

Saturday after making pancakes and watching the latest American Horror Story we set off for the Covent Garden Market for a peruse like the little old ladies we are and to grab lunch. We ended up spending way too long in Homeopathy London and picked up quite a few goodies.


I have NEVER seen aloe vera chips before (top right) so I had to give these a try. They’re weird, but kind of addicting. If you like dried fruit you would probably like these too, although I’m not sure how ‘healthy’ these really are judging by the amount of sugar in them…

Oh, and that carrot cake tea is delicious! Four O’clock seriously makes some of the best teas.


Still feeling quite plump from last night’s heavy dinner and with the rainy weather, we went with soup from The Piping Kettle Soup Co. I went with the sweet potato chowder and Erin got their butternut squash. Delish.

We then headed off to Starbucks to sip on tea whilst doing a little bit of work (aka me trying to read and not fall asleep for 2 hours) before heading home to relax a bit before heading out to the bar.

Before I knew it, Sunday came and it was time to pack my bag and head home. It was so nice to get away from Ajax and Toronto for a weekend to see my lovely Mother Mother sister. And luckily there was no freak snowstorm like last year when I went to visit around this time.

Finals started this week which means 2+ weeks of cramming, stressing and over-caffeinating. Wish me luck.


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