Amy Poehler & Indigo Faves


Last Thursday I went to the book signing for Amy Poehler’s new book, Yes Please, at the Indigo at the Manulife Centre in Toronto. Twitter informed me they were giving wristbands to the first 500 people who purchased the book, so I hurried after class to get one. If you have been living under a rock and are not familiar with Amy Poehler from either SNL, as Gob’s wife on Arrested Development or playing Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, then you must at least know her as Regina George’s mum in Mean Girls. She is also one of the faces behind Smart Girls at the Party. Oh, and she has a killer smile and contagious laugh.

I adore Amy Poehler as she is the epitome of what women should be: smart, strong, funny, empowering and inspiring. Going to her book signing just confirmed the accuracy of all those adjectives. She is also absolutely gorgeous in person. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any clear, decent pictures during the interview as I couldn’t really see and at 24, I feel too old to wait hours before just to have a good view. OT, but I’m pretty sure the only people I would consider lining up hours before for a good view would be to see the cast of Game of Thrones. The interviewer was actually Tatiana Maslany from Orphan Black which I couldn’t really appreciate, as I’ve never seen a episode (my mum was pretty jealous though). We also were not allowed to take any pics with her, as they needed to move through as quickly as possible in order for all 500 people to get their books signed. That was kinda disappointing, but I’m happy they didn’t make an exception for anyone and Amy stayed humble about it the whole way through and you could tell she genuinely felt bad for people that asked for a pic. So, when it was my turn to go up I quickly thanked her for being awesome and she told me she liked my hair. Win.


 Yes Please by Amy Poehler



I can’t really give a solid review of the book yet, as I’ve only scanned through it and read a few pages (like her Plastic Surgery Haikus haha). Between art history, science fiction and Shakespeare I am buried up to my neck in books for school. However, I cannot wait to delve into the hilarious and brilliant mind of Amy Poehler and read her stories, advice and opinions within the pages of this memoir.

Of course, being in Indigo I had to have a peruse through the home and style section for the 100th time and treated myself to a few things. As I mentioned in this post, Chapters & Indigo is easily one of my favourite stores and with Christmas only 45 days away (!), they have some seriously awesome things from the cutest mugs, unique teas and coffees, to scarves and bags to home decor and, believe it or not, books! Here are some of the things I am loving in store at the moment:



Tea Forte Warming Joy Tea Festive Collection – $15.00

I got one of the Tea Forte sets last Christmas and it was such a good way to try a bunch of different loose leaf teas. This set caught my eye because of the wintery packaging (may have reminded me a bit of Frozen), but once I saw rum raisin biscotti I knew I had to have it. This set contains 2 black teas and 3 herbal teas; 3 teas being limited edition to this set. This is a perfect gift idea for the tea lover in your life. I also grabbed the Cursive Monogram Mug – $8.00 (on sale for $5.00).


Illume Balsam and Cedar Mini Candle – $10.00

This mini candle by Illume smells like what you are probably thinking: a Christmas tree. And you’re right. This candle is so nostalgic as we always had a real Christmas tree when I was a kid (ours is fake now), so the smell reminds me of driving with my family to the local farm and picking out our Christmas tree and then warming up by the bonfire and drinking hot apple cider, while the tree was bundled up (people who don’t get how you associate smells with memories – have you not lived?!). Plus, I love the festive tin and will definitely be reusing it once I burn through it.


Small Embossed Pouch in Pink – $12.00

I have been wanting a small pouch with a keyring for ages and finally found one! Surprisingly, I did not go for the black and instead opted for this blush pink shade which I absolutely love. It fits my phone, cards and lip product comfortably and is perfect for clipping my keys onto when I am just heading out to do a quick errand or meeting a friend for coffee and don’t want to bring a purse. It also feels so soft for being faux leather.


Silver Mercury-Glass Mason Jar Votive Holder – $7.50

I needed something to hold my go-to makeup brushes and thought this was the perfect thing. I love the vintage style of this and each one is slightly different looking making it unique. It also picks up light so beautifully thanks to the silver foil, which the picture on the website does NOT do justice for.

There are many, many other things I also adore in store right now and will be adding to my Christmas list. I also have to mention how incredibly impressed I was by how organized and professional Indigo handled the book signing, even when someone in the crowd passed out (it was really hot inside the store), right near the end of Amy’s interview. Once the girl was attended to (she was fine), Amy used her quick wit and gave us a taste of her edgy humour by concluding with: “and that’s how I like to end all my interviews.”


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