6 Favourites | Fall Edition


IMG_3930IMG_3938IMG_3920IMG_3925As much as I love beaches, barbecues and longer days, fall is definitely my favourite season. I love transitioning into cozy layers, breathing in the crisp air and let’s be serious, Thanksgiving.

There are also quite a few things I have been loving so far this fall, which I want to share. In no particular order:

Stash Organic Chocolate Orange Herbal Tea – Sorry, not pumpkin spice. I’ve actually never tried the much coveted pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. I have, however, tried this tea many times and oh my goodness, it is heavenly. I am a huge fan of the Stash brand and I am constantly repurchasing their teas. I recommend steeping this one for more than the 3-5 minutes it says or else it can be a little weak tasting. I also add a bit of almond milk to it which makes it more creamy and like a guilt free Terry’s chocolate orange. I love curling up on the couch with a cup of this caffeine free tea after dinner and I will definitely be drinking this right through to the end of winter.

Chapters & Indigo Notebooks – There’s no denying that my love for Chapters & Indigo is a year long affair. I go in there almost every week, sometimes twice a week. What I’ve been loving particularly at the moment is their notebooks, which come in so many amazing designs and various sizes. My favourites have been this fox notebook which I use for school and this smaller notebook which I use for brainstorming blogposts. Both notebooks have perforated pages which is a must for me. The fox notebook is great because it is made from sturdy cardboard which makes it perfect for note taking. The thick cover on both of these also means it isn’t going to rip off as easily as the inexpensive Hilroy notebooks.

Burgundy – I’ve welcomed burgundy into my dominantly black, grey and cream wardrobe with open arms. It is just one of those colours that I am instantly drawn to and I think it just pairs so perfectly with neutrals. I got this scarf at H&M recently and I am in love with it. I cannot find it on their website for whatever reason, but it was very affordable at $12.95 (alternatively, Forever 21 sells a similar style for half the price here). Tan and burgundy is one of my favourite colour pairings, so I will be wearing this scarf a lot with my tan peacoat.

Doctor Who – Since I am buried in books for school, my stack of books to read at home will be neglected until winter break. Thus, Doctor Who shall be my escape for the fall. I watched the first two seasons earlier this year and then stopped for no apparent reason. Between my science fiction course I am taking this semester, and my mum and my friend who are major Whovians, I’ve been propelled to start watching it again.

Navy Blue Eyeliner – Like I mentioned in this post, navy blue eyeliner is something I have been wanting to try for the fall and I can confidently say it has won me over. I love how much brighter it makes my eyes look and it is so wearable for everyday. This one by Too Faced is so creamy meaning it does not tug at your eyes like some other eye pencils and it is easy to smudge out. However, once I let it set I had no problem with it smudging whatsoever. I will be doing a makeup look soon using this eyeliner, so stay tuned.

Limited Edition ‘Cozy Nights’ Scented Soy Candle – Sorry, again, not pumpkin spice. And to be honest I’m not a big fan of the pumpkin spice scent (THERE I SAID IT). Lately, I’ve been purchasing most of my candles from Target, as they carry so many different brands of soy candles. This one I was particularly drawn to as it has a very smoky scent with a hint of pine and reminds me of the cool nights of fall. I’m not sure of the brand of this candle, so it might be a Target exclusive.

Along with these things, I am also loving my usual fall things: cozy sweaters, homemade soup ( my #1 comfort food) and with Halloween approaching, watching a ton of horror films/shows. What are your fall favourites?


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  1. Chapters and Doctor Who just happen to be my two favourite things. I think we should be friends.


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