DIY Jewelry Cork Board


When it comes to DIY projects, I am the queen of wanting to do them, but never actually attempting to or finishing them. I have had all my necklaces hanging on a single hook, which was super annoying, as they would all get tangled together and so many were buried underneath and forgotten. I also had an old cork board in my basement and somehow convinced myself to give it a go. This is such a great and simple way to display your necklaces.

I don’t have a step-by-step tutorial for this as I made it shortly before I created my blog. However, it is so incredibly easy that a tutorial seems almost unneccessary. Anyways, what you will need:


  • Acrylic paint (these are just from Dollarama and they are fabulous)
  • Newspaper or an old towel
  • Paintbrushes of varying sizes
  • Push pins (I got these wooden ones from Walmart)
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Image for reference (if needed)

…and of course, your cork board!

I took a large paint brush (well, the largest paint brush I had) to paint the whole cork board white and allowed it to dry before following up with a second coat.

I then let the base completely dry overnight before sketching my stag head out on the board. Once I was happy with the size/outline I painted it in with brown paint. Make sure you have some smaller detail brushes to allow for a clean outline.

Once the paint was completely dry I took my eraser to erase any visible pencil marks before placing the push pins in along the antlers.



Hang that baby up and it is literally as easy as that!

This is a great way to also repurpose an old cork board (mine had smiling flowers drawn on it by yours truly circa ’99 and was headed for the trash). The possibilites are endless with this. I played it safe with a solid silhouette image, but you can obviously make it as extravagant and beautiful as you want. I think this would look so pretty in just a solid pastel colour or, if painting is your strong area, then something with much more depth and detail. If you want some more inspiration just search ‘DIY Cork Board’ on Pinterest.

Good luck!


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  1. This is so cool! This would be a great Christmas present. You should do a blog post on DIY Christmas gifts for the ridiculously frugal (read: poor students).


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