What’s in my Bag? | Festival Edition



Okay, first things first…I had intended to post this a couple weeks earlier before I left for Guatemala (post of my trip coming next week), but I didn’t realize how long blogposts can actually take! Better late than never though, right?

Anyways, having gone to quite a few outdoor festivals this summer, there are some products I have discovered these last few months which have become staples in my bag and I feel are worth mentioning. So, whether you’re heading to an outdoor festival or event in the next couple weeks to wrap up summer or are just a nosey Nancy like myself, I hope you find this useful/enjoy reading it!

Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens

I have fairly oily skin so I rarely leave the house without blotting tissues, especially when I know I’ll be out all day. I just started using these ones by Boscia and I love how large each sheet is as you only need one to blot your whole face. They do not ruin your makeup and green tea is antibacterial which is great when you are out in a public place and are someone like myself who has a bad habit of touching their face constantly. Plus, I am a sucker for pretty packaging.

Michael Todd True Organics Tinted Lip Protector

These tinted balms by Michael Todd are 82% organic, contain SPF 18 and are free of parabens, sulphates, artificial dye and fragrance. I love wearing a tinted balm when I have minimal makeup on to bring a bit of colour to my face. I have been loving the ‘Penny Copper’ shade as it gives your lips a bit of a richer, darker sheen and looks amazing with a tan.

Satsuma Hand Cleanse Gel

I know there is a lot of controversy in regards to hand sanitizer, but for me it is just something I have to have on me when soap and water is not an option. I only just found out The Body Shop sold hand gels and they are triclosan free (the controversial ingredient found in nonalcoholic hand sanitizers) and are inexpensive. Plus, who doesn’t love that classic satsuma scent?

Larabar in Chocolate Brownie

If the festival you’re attending allows outside food then I highly recommend bringing a snack to keep your energy up and so you don’t end buying that third slice of overprice pizza. Even though a lot of festivals and events seem to have a much more diverse selection now when it comes to food, I still like having something as a midday pick me up. Just make sure you bring something that won’t melt in your bag. I actually packed Luna Bars for Osheaga and they were a melted mess. Larabars are a fruit and nut energy bar with all good for you ingredients and they don’t have any chocolatey coating, so they are a much better option. Plus, the chocolate brownie flavour just came to Canada (or at least just came to my local grocery store) and it is amazing.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb Rollerball

I usually carry some sort of travel size perfume to freshen up with throughout the day. I’ve realized rollerballs are a much better option than sprays as they are less offensive to those sensitive to smells and you look a heck of a lot better than you would dousing yourself with body spray. Though this one is a little too floral for my liking, I do enjoy how feminine it is and the scent lingers for quite awhile.

Cottonelle Cleansing Cloths

I only realized the greatness of a wet wipe this summer, after the hand washing station at Edgefest broke and I was a damsel in distress. Cue my (female) knight in shining armour who blessed me with a wet wipe. Not only are they beneficial for post porta potty use, they’re great to have after you’ve eaten a messy meal and to also wipe down your arms, chest, wherever, if you’ve been sweating all day, or worse, have other people’s sweat on you.

Ribbon Hair Ties

Chances are if you’re spending all day outside in the heat and you’re hair started out down and all cute, by the end of the day it’s going to be thrown up in a messy ponytail and not thought about again. Hair ribbons are something I only discovered this summer and I am obsessed as they don’t snag my hair, cut off my wrist circulation or make my ponytail fall limp like a normal hair tie.


Along with the obvious essentials (phone, money, sunglasses etc) these are all the products I’ve been loving and making sure are in my bag before I head out to a festival. What are your bag essentials when it comes to festivals?




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