Osheaga 2014

My August long weekend was spent at the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival. If you’re not aware, Osheaga is a multi-day indie festival, held annually every summer at Parc Jean-Drapeau, in Montréal, Quebec. My sister and I attended Osheaga last year, but we were only able to go for one of the three days, so this was our first time attending a multi-day festival.

Our journey began late Thursday night where we made the drive from Ajax to Ottawa. We spent the night at my sister’s friend’s aunt and uncle’s place (that was a mouthful) in Ottawa, where we were treated to a delicious homemade breakfast in the morning in their garden. I wish I had some pics to share of it, but believe me it was so lovely and her relatives were so sweet and welcoming.

After breakfast we (we being five girls and all our stuff) squished back into the car and made the rest of the trek to Montréal. Unfortunately, we had a later start to our day than planned, which meant I missed Manchester Orchestra’s set and majority of July Talk (boourns).

This is going to be a bit of a long post, so grab a seat and a cup of tea (or something stronger, I don’t judge)!


My sister, Erin, looked absolutely adorable the first day of the festival! She went with a pair of high waisted black shorts, a sunflower print crop top, soft curls and (my) Nine West hat to pull the whole look together. She looked alright the other two days (jokes, kind of).



Can we just take a second to appreciate the sad Mario seated here?


To say I was excited for Outkast would be an understatement. I just think of me back in grade 8 listening to Speakerboxxx/The Love Below on my walkman (throwback), so I was absolutely thrilled to see them perform live! Plus, they were celebrating their 20th anniversary!


Needing fuel for day two of the festival we headed to Caffe and Cucina which was just down the street from our hotel. We both went for green tea and veggie crepes with a side of fruit.


Not going to lie, I think we were equally as excited to stock up on Delirium as we were for Osheaga itself. Delirium Tremens is a strong Belgium ale (8.5%!), which has been banned at the LCBO (our liquor store in Ontario). Which is a shame because it’s a damn good beer and there’s only a few places I know of that serve it back home. Plus, the bottle itself is gorgeous and worthy of a place in my living room with a candlestick stuck in it.


Obviously, we had to stop at the market for some maple candy (hey, we are Canadian after all).


After breakfast and buying out all the Delirium at the SAQ near our hotel, we headed to Osheaga for day two starting things off with the Kongos. They are hands down one of my favourite bands at the moment. They were great live, however, I was super disappointed they didn’t play ‘Take Me Back’. If you haven’t heard it, I highly recommend you do your ears a favour and click here. I’ve had it on repeat all summer.


That evening we decided to visit the Diesel tent and get some airbrush tattoos. The lineup was way too long and my tattoo was pretty sad looking, but at least the perfume smells good.


Sunday morning we squeezed in the Musée d’art contemporain de Montréal, where we got to experience the Pulse Room. If you are headed to Montréal anytime from now till September 7th, I highly recommend you check it out. To give you a quick idea: Hundreds of light bulbs that flash in unison to your heartbeat. It’s as awesome as it sounds. For further details about the installation and info on the artist, click here.


I was lucky enough to see Matt Mays twice this summer. I saw him at Edgefest for Canada Day and he put on a great show, so I was excited to see him again at Osheaga. I’ve only started listening to him this year, but the guy sings with so much soul and he is such an underrated artist in my opinion. If you’re not familiar with him give ‘Chase the Light’ and ‘Indio’ a listen.


The great thing about Osheaga is they have so many different options when it comes to food. As a pescetarian, my options at festivals in the past are usually a slice of mediocre pizza. However, I am also dairy intolerant, so if a place offers vegan food, I will almost always choose it. We grabbed lunch at Roux, one of the food trucks that offered tasty vegetarian/vegan options. I went with the spicy tofu tacos and Erin satisfied her poutine craving with their regular poutine that uses squeaky cheese curds and a vegetarian gravy. Another great food vendor at Osheaga is ChuChai which is completely vegan. Their Thai noodle salad is so delicious and I wish it was in front of me right now.


I kind of have a girl crush on Lorde, so I was pretty excited to see her. She put on a great show and you could tell when she talked to the audience how genuinely happy she was to be here.


Someone who didn’t speak one word to the audience, was Alex Turner from The Arctic Monkeys. They closed Osheaga, and though they were great, I didn’t like how disconnected I felt from them.  I don’t know, I guess when it’s a band as great as The Arctic Monkeys, I was expecting a bit more from them and they just didn’t give that. This was also the final day of the festival and I was beyond exhausted, so maybe I was feeling extra critical. I still like you Alex.


Before we knew it, it was Monday and time to head home. However, a trip to Montréal is not complete without a stroll through Old Montréal.



When we were in Montréal last summer, we found a restaurant that made a delicious four cheese pizza with blue cheese, but to our dismay the place had shut down. Though we were desperate to find another place that did a blue cheese pizza, we settled for a traditional swiss fondue at Chez Suzette. Oh my gosh, it was so good. I’ve actually never had cheese fondue, so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but I imagine that’s what happiness tastes like. I washed it down with their Riesling and Erin went with a bottle of Blanche de Chambly.


I think the heat was melting our brains because we decided to climb to the top of the Clock Tower. This meant 192 steps with bellies full of artery clogging cheese, tired toes and perspiration, yet we managed to make it to the top. The view was definitely worth it and the tower itself reminded me of the movie ‘Hugo’.


I had a great weekend filled with good food, great weather and amazing music. Along with the bands mentioned I also got to see Awolnation, Sam Roberts Band, Foster the People (have wanted to see them for so long), Portugal. The Man (one of my favourite bands, but I couldn’t really get any decent pictures, as someone front and centre swung a piñata during their whole set, ugh), Bombay Bicycle Club and more.

Thanks for a great weekend Montréal, until next time.


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