Greetings Internet World!

Hello, welcome to my blog!

I am so happy to have you here. My name is Leah, and I am a 23 year old indecisive student who is new to the blogging world. Well, relatively new. I had a blog briefly in 2010, but it was short lived and that’s probably for the best, as I would most definitely cringe reading it now. So, let’s move on from that, shall we?

After a couple years studying graphic design in college, I’ve decided to head back to the big, scary world that is university to finish my degree. Being a student majoring in English, I’ve felt compelled to get back into writing (my grammar has gotten horrible and I rely on autocorrect a little more than I would like to admit). Pair that with my strong love for web design and wanting to start a blog for quite sometime, well, it all just went hand in hand.

Along with lifestyle posts, you’ll also find beauty and fashion related posts, recipes, DIYs and any and everything in between. 

I’m excited to see this blog come to life and grow and I hope you enjoy it as well!

 Feeling unstoppable in the Dingle Peninsula.

Feeling unstoppable in the Dingle Peninsula.



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